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A half is greater as it's five tenths.

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Q: Which is greater 3 tenths or a half?
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Related questions

Is one half greater then nine tenths?

Nine tenths is greater than one half. If you have a pie and you took half of it away you would have another half of a pie left. If you took nine tenths of a pie away then you would be left with a tiny sliver. Another way to solve it is to make the denominator into ten so if you made one half into tenths it would be five tenths and everyone knows nine is greater than five.

What is greater 16 tenths or 1 and 1 half?

Sixteen tenths = 16/10 = 1.6 1 and 1 half = 1.5

Which is greater 8 thousandth or 3 tenths?

3 tenths

What is greater in value 3 tenths or 3 one hundredths?

3 tenths.

3 tenths greater than 80 what is the decimal?

The integer that is 3 tenths greater than 80 is 80.3.

Is 1 half greater than 3 tenths?

yes 1/2 = 5/10

Is three-tenths greater than one half?

one half is grater

Is 9 tenths higher than 3 tenths?

Nine tenths is greater than three tenths.

Is one third greater than three tenths?

Are 3 tenths greater than one third

Is 0.5 greater than five tenths?

Five tenths is the same as 0.5 It is half

What is 3 tenths of 1 and a half liters?

3 tenths of one and half litres isi dont know

Is five tenths greater than three fourths?

No. Five tenths is actually one half, whereas three quarters is a half and a quarter.

How many half's are in three five tenths?

3 halves are in 3 five tenths.

What is greater three tenths or one fifth?

3/10 is greater.

What is greater two thirds or three tenths?

2/3 is greater than 3/10

What is he total of one half three fifths and two tenths?

13 tenths, or one and 3 tenths Change one half to five tenths. Change three fifths to six tenths. Add these to two tenths.

Is one half less one fifth?

One half is five tenths. One fifth is two tenths. One half less one fifths is five tenths less two tenths, or three tenths. .5 - .2 = .3

Which is greater forty five hundredths or six tenths?

Six tenths is greater.Six tenths is greater

Is one tenth greater than 3 tenths?


How many tenths are in 3 and a half?

If you assume that number 1 equals 10, then there are ten tenths in this. If you take the number up to 3.5, then this would be 35 tenths. However, if you are asking how many tenths are there in 3 and a half from the NUMBER 10, then this works out at 2.85.

What is half of 2 and 3 tenths?

1 and 3 twentieths

1 third is greater then 3 tenths?

Yes, but not by much.

What is greater three tenths or two sevenths?


What is the decimal 3 tenths greater than 80?

It is 80.3

Is 0.4 greater than 0.321?

Yes. 0.4 has 4 tenths whereas 0.321 has 3 tenths, thus 0.4 is greater than 0.321