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15/28 is greater.

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Q: Which is greater seven fifteenths or fifteen twenty eighths?
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What is greater fifteen twenty-fourths or five eighths?

They are both the same because 15/24 = 5/8

What is fifteen twenty eighths of a yard?

There are 36 inches in one yard. Therefore, fifteen twenty-eighths of a yard is equal to 36 x 15/28 = 19.285714 recurring (that is, 19.285714285714...) inches.

What are three equivalent fractions for five eighths?

ten sixteenths, fifteen twenty-fourths, and twenty thirty sixths =)

Six and seven eighths minus one sixth?

Six and fifteen twenty-fourths

What does two eleventh fifteenths equal to?

That's twenty two fifteenths, which equals one and seven fifteenths.

How would you write twenty-five fifteenths as a mixed number?

Twenty-five fifteenths as a mixed number = 12/3

What fraction is fifteen out of twenty?

fifteen out of twenty = 3/4

What is twenty-two fifteenths as a decimal?

1.46666 repeating

Is three eighths bigger than twenty seven eighths?


how do you write twenty-two fifteenths as a decimal?

1.46666 repeating

What is twenty five and fifteenths simplified?

25/15 = 5/3

What is one-fourth plus two-sevenths simplified?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 1/4 + 2/7 = 15/28 or fifteen twenty-eighths.

When was Fifteen Twenty-One Second Avenue created?

Fifteen Twenty-One Second Avenue was created in 2008.

What the sum of twenty-five and fifteen?

The sum of twenty-five and fifteen = 25 + 15 = 40

What does threescores and fifteen mean in the bible?

In the Bible, threescore and fifteen years means twenty times three plus fifteen. A score was twenty so threescore was sixty plus fifteen, which is 85.

What is bigger 13 fifteenths or 22 twenty fifths?

22/25 is bigger.

What has the same value as eleven eighths?

Twenty-two sixteenths has the same value as eleven eighths.

What is three eighths of twenty- four?


What is five-eighths times twenty?

12.5 is.

What are six eighths of twenty four?


What is five eighths of twenty-four?


How do you say 15120 in English?

Fifteen thousand one hundred and twenty

What is half of twenty five and five eighths?


Are twenty-five sixths and nine eighths proportional?


What number is six twenty eighths of fourteen?


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