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125 is more than 075, so 125 mg is more than 075 mg.

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Q: Which is more 125mg or 075 mg?
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Related questions

Is 075 mg more than 050 mg?

Yes, 0.75mg is 0.25mg more than 0.50mg.

What does is larger 125 mg or 25mg?


How many mg are in 0.125gm?

There are 125mg in 0.125g

How many g in 75 mg?

75 mg = .075 g.

How many mcg is .075 mg?

0.075mg equates to 75mcg (1000mcg per mg).

Can you show an MCG - MG equivalency chart?

which is the higher dose....125mg or 50mcg

How many grams is equal to 125mg?

0.125 grams (1 gm = 1000 mg)

How do you convert 125mg to tsp?

It depends on what ingredient you're measuring, because milligrams (mg) is a measure of mass (weight), and teaspoons (tsp) is a measure of volume. One teaspoon of water has a mass of about 5,000 mg.

You need to order Medrol 75 mg IM but it is available 125mg per 2ml how many ml do you need?


How many 50mcg synthroid equal 0.125 mg of synthroid?

*1000mcg = 1mg* 125mg = 50mcg(x) 125mg x (1000mcg/1mg) = 50mcg(x) 125mcg= 50mcg(x) x = 2.5

Is 0.15 percent more than .075 percent?

Is 0.15 percent more than .075 percent?

Is 05mg smaller than 125mg?

.05mg is much smaller than 125mg.

How many 50mcg pills equal 0.125mg?

*1000 mcg = 1 mg* .125mg = 50mcg (x) .125mg x (1000mcg / 1mg) = 50mcg (x) 125mcg = 50mcg (x) x = 2.5 So 2.5 (50mcg) pills equal 0.125mg

What is 125 mg in mcg show the work?

There are 1000mcg (micrograms) per milligram.* So, 125mg = 125 x 1,000 = 125000mcg

What does do you recommend of acetaminophen--160mg per 5mL or 80 mg-- and ibuprofen --100mg per 5mL or 100 mg tab--for a 6 year old weighing 54 lbs?

You take the wt and divide by 2.2 to get kilos. Then take kilos and multiply by the ml to get the mg. Take the desired mg divided by volume (160mg) multipy by the ml to get what dosage to give. 54lbs divided by 2.2 = 25 kilos 25 kilos x 5ml = 125mg 125mg over 160mg x 5ml = 600 over 160 divided 160 into 600 = 3.9 ml of medicine (tylenol)

Is .125mg smaller than .05mg?

The answer is no .05mg is the same as saying .050mg, .125mg is not smaller than .05mg.

What percentage is 125mg of 25g?

It is 0.5%.

Can 125mg of antihistamines kill you?

125mg of an antihistamine all in one dose can be dangerous. They can suppress the respiratory system and the central nervous system.

Convert 7.5 cents into decimals.?

i think its $ 0.075

Which is more 7.5 mg or 15 mg?

15 mg is more than 7.5 mg.

The order reads a 0.125mg tab and have 0.25mg tabs how many do you take?

you take 1/2 of a tab. if the doctor prescribed .125mg and you have .25 mg tabs, you take 1/2 tab

Can you show me how thick .075 is?

your mans penis is .075" Does this help.

How can you dissolve cycloheximide to prepare a 125mg per ml solution?

dissolve 1.25g of cycloheximide in 10ml of alcohol or any desired solution. Now the concentration is 125mg / ml.

How much is 125mg in tablespoon?

That is 8.3 tablespoons.

How much is 125mg?

It is 1/2 a cup