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A right triangle is not a quadrilateral. A quadrilateral is a polygon with four sides, while a right triangle has only three sides.

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It is the right angle triangle which has 3 sides whereas all quadrilaterals have 4 sides.

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Q: Which is not a quadrilateral a rhobus a rectangle a right triangle or a trapezoid?
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Is a rhobus a polygon?

No. That is because there is no such word as "rhobus". A rhombus, on the other hand, IS a polygon. It is a quadrilateral.

What does a rectangle and rhobus have in common?

They are both quadrilaterals.

What are all the names of all the quadrilateral with pictures?

Rectangle: A quadrilateral with 4 right angles, diagonals congruent/bisecting, and opposite sides congruent, BUT ADJACENT SIDES ARE NOT CONGRUENT. Rhobus: A quadrilateral with opposite congruent angles, but adjacent angles are Not congruent, perpendicular bisecting diagonals and 4 congruent sides. Square: A quadrilateral that is a rectangle and a square with 4 right angles, diagonals congruet/bisecting that ar perpendicular, and opposites sides congruent.

What shape has two acute angles?

There are many possible shapes with two acute angles.

Can arectangle be a rhobus?

Yes. A rectangle is a parallelogram with four right angles. A rhombus is a parallelogram with four equal sides. Therefore, if a rectangle has four equal sides, then it is a rhombus. If a rhombus has four right angles, it is a rectangle. In this case, the rectangle and the rhombus are a special type of parallelogram called a square.

Can a rhobus be a square?

Yes, a square is a special kind of rhombus.

How many line symmetry does a rhobus have?

It has two lines of symmetry.

Is a square always a rhobus?

A square IS always a special kind of rhombus.

What is the name of a four sided shape that looks like a diamond?

A kite or a rhobus. It only looks like a rhombus if you turn it on its side.

Is a diamond a rhobus?

A diamond, like the one seen in playing cards is often a rhombus although in some cases the sides are slightly curved (inwards). A diamond, as in a lump of carbon, is not a rhombus.

What is the perimeter of a rhobus when one of its diagonals is 12 cm and has an area of 54 square cm showing work?

Let the other diagonal be x:- If: 0.5*x*12 = 54 Then: x = 54/6 => 9 The rhombus will consist of 4 right angles: base 4.5 cm and height 6 cm Using Pythagoras: hypotenuses = 7.5 cm Therefore perimeter: 4*7.5 = 30 cm