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one fifth

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Q: Which is the greater mass one fifth of 5kg or one fifth of 5000g?
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What is 5kg converted into g?


Which one larger 8kg or 5000g?

8kg is 3kg larger than 5000g (5kg)

5 kg equals how many grams?

1kg1000g so 5kg=5000g :( :| Idiots!!! ===

What is greater 500g or 5kg?

5kg '

Which has greater mass 5kg of lead or 5k of wood?

Just compare the number of kilograms.

The mass of water is 5kg It is then decreases by 1 kg What is the final mass of water 1kg or 4kg?

It is: 5kg-1kg = 4kg

Which is greater 5 lbs or 5 kgs?

5kg is greater than 5lbs

Is 4000g greater less or equal to 5kg?


What is the mass if the force is 10N and the acceleration is 2m second squared?

The mass is 5kg

What is greater 55000 mg or 5 kg?

Which is greater 55000 mg or 5 kg

4000 grams greater or less than 5kg?


What has greater GPE 5kg or 2 kg?

The answer will depend on their positions (heights).

Whose density is less 5kg of water or 5kg of mercury?

Water's density is always less than that of mercury regardless of mass.

What is the mass if a rock that weighs 49 newtons?

The rock's mass on earth will be 5kg (mass = force in newtons / 9.807)

Which is greater 500 g or 5kg?

There are 1,000 gm to 1 kg. Therefore, 500 gm only equals half a kilogram. Which makes 5 kilograms much greater than 500 gm.

Is 55000mg greater than 5kg?

No, 5 kg = 5,000,000 mg

What is the mass of a dog if it has a mass of 10 kilograms plus half of its mass?

a 10 kilogram dog + half of its mass (5kg) would be 15kg.

Which has the greater density 5kg of lead or 10kg of aluminum?

Lead will always have the greater density compared to aluminium. The weight only influences the volume in question. 10kg of Al will be much more(bigger in size) than 5kg of lead.

What is the mass of 49 Newton's?

5kg or 11.02 pounds. (N / 9.8 = kg)

What is the density of a substance with a mass of 5kg and volume of 43 m cubed?


How long will it take a 100w motor to lift a 5kg mass 20m?


1kg equals 1000g A 5kg object has less inertia than an object with a mass of what?

Strictly, kg (kilogrammes) is a unit of weight rather than mass, which is measured in N (Newtons). This is important, because the MASS of an object does not change, whereas its WEIGHT does change according to the gravitational pull it is experiencing. On earth 1kg is about 10N. On the moon, say, something weighing 1kg would have a MASS of a little over 60N. If we change the word 'mass' in your question to 'weight', then the answer would be 'anything greater than 5kg'. If not, then 'anything greater than 50N subject to gravitational forces on the Earth's surface'. An object's INERTIA is the force that must be overcome in order to change its position (if stationary): so, it is clearly easier to move a 5kg object than it is to move any object that is heavier.

What weighs approximately 5kg?

5L of water5 kilos of potatos5 1kg weightsa 5kg weight2 2.5kg weights10 0.5kg weights1 tenth of an average 12 year old.5kg of compressed air5kg of non-compressed aira tiny midget babySierraAbout 7 hard drives5 Outdoor Research Advanced Bivvys5kg of paper5kg of bricks5kg of feathers1 fifth of 25 kilosan angle grinderhalf a cata really really really light car5kg of hair5000 grams

Can 10kg with a normal torque caused by gravitation lift up 5kg with a greater torque?


The mass of water is 5kgIt is then decrease by 0.5kg So the final mass of water is 0.5kg or 4.5kg?

It is: 5kg-0.5kg = 4.5kg