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It is: 5kg-1kg = 4kg

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Q: The mass of water is 5kg It is then decreases by 1 kg What is the final mass of water 1kg or 4kg?
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Does 1kg of water equals 1kg of steam?

Yes, 1kg of water equals 1kg of steam, as they are both forms of water in different states. The difference lies in their physical state, with water being in liquid form and steam being in gaseous form, but their mass is the same.

What is likely to have a mass of about a kilogram?

1 litre of water. density of water is 1kg/L

How much 1 leater water weight?

1 liter of distilled water have exactly 1kg of mass.

What has more mass 1kg of feathers or 1kg of steel?

Neither! They both have the same mass of 1 Kilogram.

How many 200g objects would have the same mass as 1kg?

Five 200g objects would have the same mass as 1kg because 200g * 5 = 1000g = 1kg.

What is the mass of 75 milliliters of water?

The mass of 75 milliliters of water is approximately 75 grams, as the density of water is close to 1 gram per milliliter.

What volume of water has a mass of 1kg?

Density of water is 1000kg/m3. Also, Volume = Mass/Density = 1/1000 = 0.001m3. So, volume of water that has mass of 1 kg is 0.001m3.

What would be the final temperature if a 1kg block of iron at 40 c is placed into 1kg of water at 20c?

A) more than 30c B) at or about 30c C) less than 30c The correct answer is A) more than 30c

Which denser 1kg of gold or 1kg of copper or 1kg of ironwhy?

Gold is denser than copper and iron. This is because the density of a material is determined by its mass per unit volume, and gold has a higher atomic mass than copper and iron, making it denser. So, 1kg of gold would occupy less volume compared to 1kg of copper or iron.

What is the mass of a kilagram of snow?

The mass of a kilogram of snow is 1 kilogram.

If 980kJ of energy are added to 6.2L of water at 291K what will the final temperature of the water be?

To find the final temperature, you need to use the formula ( q = mc\Delta T ), where q is the heat energy, m is the mass of the substance, c is the specific heat capacity, and Ī”T is the change in temperature. First, calculate the mass of water using the density of water ( \rho = 1g/cm^3 = 1kg/L ) and the volume provided. Then, use the specific heat capacity of water (4.18 J/gĀ°C) to find the temperature change and thus the final temperature.

Is a mass of an apple less than 1kg?

yes. a mass of 1 kg weighs 2.2 pounds on Earth.