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4000 yd.

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Q: Which length is longer 3000 ft or 4000 yd?
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What is the max length for RS485 cable?

4000 ft.

Which is longer 4000 ft or 1 kilometer?

4000 feet is around 1.2192 km which is more than 1 km. So 4000 feet is longer.

Which is greater 4000 ft or three fourths of a mile?

3/4 of a mile is 3,960-ft. 4,000-ft is more longer.

Which is greater 1500m or 3000ft?

A metre is slightly longer than 1 yard = 3 ft 3000 ft = 3000 ÷ 3 yd = 1000 yd → 1500 m is greater than 3000 ft.

What is 4000 sq ft divide by 20 ft?

4000 sq ft divide by 20 ft = 200

How many centimeters in 3000 ft?

3000 ft = 91440 cm

How many 10x10 areas are in 4000 square feet?

There need not be any as an area can have any shape; for example 4000 sq ft can be a rectangle with side lengths 1 ft and 4000 ft - as this rectangle has a width of 1 ft a 10 ft by 10 ft area cannot be extracted from it. However, if you are asking how many sections with the same area as a square of sides 10 ft can be made in an area of 4000 sq ft, then: 4000 sq ft ÷ (10 ft × 10 ft) = 4000 sq ft ÷ 100 sq ft = 40.

How many acres is 4000 sq ft?

An acre is 43,560 sq ft , so 4000 sq ft is 4000/43560 = .092 acres. A little less then a tenth of an acre.

How much Horsepower does a 1989 Ford bronco 302 V8 have?

If stock and running well, 185hp at 4000 rpm and 275 ft lbs at 3000 rpm

How many meters is 4000 feet?

4000 ft = 1219.2 metres.

How many 1eigth ft pieces can you cut from 3fourth ft of ribbon?

Since eight ft is longer than the length of the whole ribbon (3 fourth ft), the answer is : none.

What is 3000 ft in km?

3000 kilometers are 9842519.68504 feet.

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