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The longest of those three lengths is 670 metres.

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Q: Which length is the longest 6.7 m 67 cm 670 m?
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How many km are in 670 cm?

100,000 cm = 1 km so 670 cm = 670/100,000 = 0.0067 km. Simple!

How many m go into 670 cm?

how is 670 cm in m

How much inch in 67 cm length?

67cm = 26.3779 inch

A cuboid measures 8 cm by 12 cm by 15 cm calculate the length of the longest diagonal of the cuboid?

Using Pythagoras' theorem the longest exterior diagonal is 19.209 cm to 3 dp

What is 670 centimeters?

670 cm = 6.7 metres.

Can you arrange 3 straight sticks of lengths 5 cm 12 cm and 19 cm into a triangle?

No. The length of the longest stick must be less than the total length of the other two.

What is the length of the longest side of a right angled triangle if the two shorter side are 5cm and 12 cm?

13 cm

How many meters are in 670 cm?

There are 100 centimeters in every meter, so there are 6.7 meters in 670 cm.There are 100 centimetres in one metre. Therefore, 670 centimetres is equal to 670/100 = 6.7 metres.

How long is the longest seahorse?

The big-belly seahorse is the longest seahorse species in the world. It can grown up to 35 cm in length.

How long is the biggest caterpillar?

The worlds longest caterpillar reached a length of 24.5 cm.

What is the possible value if perimeter of a triangle is 42 cm and it's largest side is a fundamental number?

I am not sure what you mean by a "fundamental" number (I've never heard of that term being used with reference to the numbers themselves); I guess you mean an "integer". For a triangle to exist the shorter two sides must be longer than the longest side. Thus there is an upper limit to the length of the longest side of a triangle. For a given perimeter, the longest side must be less than half the perimeter. For a perimeter of 42cm this means that the longest side is less than 42 cm ÷ 2 = 21 cm. If we focus on the longest side of a triangle, as it becomes shorter, one or both of the other two sides must increase in length, they can equal but never be longer than this longest side. Thus there is also a lower limit below which the longest side cannot be; this is when all three sides are equal and the triangle is an equilateral triangle. For a perimeter of 42cm the longest side is greater than or equal to 42 cm ÷ 3 = 14 cm So with a perimeter of 42 cm we have: 14 cm ≤ longest side < 21 cm Which means for an integer length, the longest side can be 14 cm, 15 cm, 16 cm, 17 cm, 18 cm, 19 cm or 20 cm.

What is the length of a hummingbird?

It depends on the hummingbird. The smallest Bee Hummingbirds are about 2 inches (5 cm) in length, while the longest Sword-billed Hummingbirds are nearly 9 inches (22.8 cm).

How long is the carton if the width is 15 cm and the height is 15 cm?

The length can, conventionally, be taken to be the longest dimension in which case the answer would be anything greater than 15 cm. But length can also be considered as a dimension in a particular direction (usually horizontal). In that case it can have any length at all.

What is the longest length of a triangle when its shortest side is 3.6 cm with two angles of 37.25 degrees and 48.4 degrees?

The longest side of the triangle will be opposite its largest angle which is 94.35 degrees and by using the Sine Rule its longest side works out as 5.93 cm.

A box is made in the shape of cube its dimension are of length 8cm what is the lenght oof longest pencil that would fit inside the box?

Use Pythagoras' theorem to find the length of the outer diagonal and then use this as the base for the inner diagonal (the longest length of the cube) 82+82 = 128 and the square root of this is 11.3137085 cm 11.31370852+82 = 192 and the square root of this is 13.85640646 cm The longest pencil is 13.85640646 or just under 14 cm

What is the length of the longest diagonal in a 6 cm cube?

sqrt(62 + 62 + 62 ) = sqrt(36*3) = sqrt(108) = 10.39 cm

Can a triangle have sides with length of 3 cm 10 cm8 cm?

Yes because the sum of its smallest sides is greater than its longest side

6.7m equals how many cm?

670 cm

What is the longest steel rod that can fit in the interior of a right rectangular prism that is 8 cm wide 15 cm long and 10 cm high?

Using Pythagors the diagonal of the base is 17 cm So the longest length is: 172+102 = 389 which needs to be squared rooted

670 cm equals to haw many meaters?

100 centimeters = 1 meter 670 centimeters = 670/100 = 6.7 meters

What is 67 cm in feet?

67 cm = 2.2 feet.

What bird has the longest beak in the world?

The bird with the longest beak in the world is the Australian pelican. Its bill has variously been recorded as between 33 cm and 45.7 cm, or 13 and 18 inches. However, the bird with the longest beak in relation to its body size is the Sword-billed hummingbird. Its bill is 10cm, or 4 inches, in length, while its total head to tail length is 14 cm, or 5.5 inches.

How many millimeters are in 670 cm?

One millimeter is one tenth of a centimeter, meaning ten millimeters equal one centimeter. So 670 CM = 6700 MM.

What could be the length of the third side of a triangle that has two sides of lengths 13 cm and 29 cm?

To create a triangle, the sum of the two shorter sides must be greater than the third side. If the side of length 29 cm is the longest side then the missing side must be greater than 29 cm - 13 cm = 16 cm If the missing side is the longest side then the missing side must be less than 29 cm + 13 cm = 42 cm Thus any length that is greater than 16 cm and less than 42 cm. Examples include: 17 cm, 18 cm, 20 cm, 36 cm, 41cm

11centimeters - 78 centimeters equals?