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Q: Which literary technique is used in The math teacher made a mistake when she calculated Marcie's grade average?
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The math teacher made a mistake when she calculated Marcies grade average?

It is impossible to know the answer to this question.

How is midpoint calculated?

average the length

The calculated average of letter grades earned in high school is called?

The calculated average of letter grades earned in high school is known as grade point average.

What literary device is the quote just an average joe?

just an average joe. a common idiom, with some alliteration (just - joe) (an average)

When an object is in motion how can the average velocity be calculated?

it can be calculated at a particular instant as it is total displacement in given time

What is the calculated average atomic mass of oxygen?


What is the average weight of a 27 year old female?

The average weight is calculated on your height not your age.

How is the average rate of heat transfer calculated?

when is heat transferred?

What is literary appreciation?

Literary appreciation is the understanding and mastery of the form and content of a literary work.

What is the average IQ for a 32 year old female?

Average IQ is 100 always. Ones IQ is calculated relative to the average.

What does average speed mean in science?

It means the sum of the measured/calculated speeds divided by the number of speeds that were measured/calculated.

What is the measure of the average amount of motion in particles called?

The average amount of motion can be determined by the average speed or velocity of an object. The average speed can be calculated by the total distance divided by the total time. Speed is a scalar quantity. The average velocity can be calculated by the total displacement divided by the total time. Velocity is a vector.

What author coined the word epiphany as a literary term?

James Joyce (praise be his above average name)

How is the average for the set of values calculated?

The average is the ratio between the sum of these values and the number of values.

What is the difference between density and average density?

"Average" density would imply that you have determined the density of several samples and calculated a mathematical average.

How is the UK average salary calculated?

A 'snapshot' of current salaries is taken - from a variety of positions and wages. The data is then simply calculated and averaged.

How do you calculate the weighted average inflation rate?

The weighted average is calculated when determining the value of closing stock in a business

What information does an applicant's grade point average provide?

The calculated average letter grade earned throughout school

What is the average 13 yearold IQ?

The stated average is 100 (as it is for all ages), but in my opinion, I think that it should be slightly higher than 100 due to the way IQ is calculated how is the IQ calculated? my IQ 136

How do you find the standard deviation?

The standard deviation (?, pronounced sigma) of a set of values is a measure of how much the set of values deviates from the average of the values. To calculate ? of a complete set of values (as opposed to a sampling),...Calculate the average of the set (the sum of the values divided by the quantity of the values).Calculate the difference between each value and the average calculated in step 1, then square the difference.Calculate the average of all the squares calculated in step 2.The standard deviation is the square root of the average calculated in step 3.

The math teacher made a mistake when she calculated the student's grade average?


What is the average called when it is calculated by taking the sum of group of numbers?

the central tendency(average) taken like this is called ARITHMETIC MEAN

What is the average temperature on earth in celiesus?

There is no average temperature on Earth in Celsius because so many places have different temperatures. The average temperature of some locations can be calculated.

Methods of forecasting in production management?

Methods Techniques of Production ForecastingMethods or techniques of production forecasting are depicted below.Image Credits © Moon Rodriguez.The models or techniques of production forecasting are listed as follows:Brainstorming technique.Goal oriented forecast technique.Graphic charting technique.Matrix technique.Nominal group technique (NGT).Delphi technique.Simple average technique.Now let's discuss each method or technique of production forecasting.1. Brainstorming techniqueBrainstorming technique is used to forecast demand, especially for new products. In this method, many experts sit together and each expert gives his own idea (forecast) and reason for it. One idea leads to many more ideas. The group of experts will develop much more ideas than one person. Based on these ideas, demand can be forecasted.2. Goal oriented forecast techniqueIn this technique, a goal is first fixed. Then the technological developments which are required for achieving that goal is identified. Later, a forecast is made about when these technological developments would take place in the future So, an estimate is made about the timing of these technological developments in an upcoming future. This method is used by large companies, which have their own research and development departments.3. Graphic charting techniqueGraphic charting technique is used to forecast future technological developments by plotting past technological developments on a logarithmic scale. This technique is based on the assumption that knowledge expands. This technique estimate, when the next major (big) technological development is likely to take place.4. Matrix techniqueMatrix is a combination of two or more matters relating to the production process. A matrix is prepared with technological developments, product functions and time factor. Matrix technique is comprehensive. It is flexible and so it can adjust with the changing times. This technique is used only by large companies.5. Nominal group technique (NGT)In nominal group technique (NGT), the group members think independently. Each group member contributes his own ideas. This technique does not allow interaction between the group members at an early stage. Interaction takes place only when the ideas are presented by every single member of the group.6. Delphi techniqueDelphi technique is very much similar to the brainstorming technique. The only difference between brainstorming and Delphi technique is that in a Delphi method, group members don't interact personally. Here, such personal interaction is impossible because group members are physically present at different places.7. Simple average techniqueIn simple average technique, forecasts are based on the average value for a given period of time.A simple average (SA) is the average of demand (sales) for all previous periods. The demands of all periods are equally weighted.SA equals 'Sum of Demands for all periods' divided by 'Number of periods.'Average calculations are made at different intervals in order to reduce error due to seasonal variations. Instead of taking the simple average of the full year's sales, quarterly averages or monthly averages are taken. This gives realistic trends. Averaging reduces the chances of being misled by gross fluctuations that may take place in any single period. However, if the underlying pattern changes over time, simple averaging will not detect the change.

How is the mean calculated?

Add all the sums, then divide by the number of sums. (ie. the average.)