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Efficiency = Output/Input.

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Q: Which math ratio represents efficiency
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What is a colon in math?

A colon in math represents a ratio. For example, if you have 3 apples for every 2 oranges you have, the ratio would be 3:2. This can also be expressed as 3 2 (in fraction form). Hope this helps!

What is an efficiency ratio?

The efficiency ratio for a machine usually refers to the ratio of the useful energy available from a machine and the energy put into it.

Difference between mechanical advantage and efficiency?

Mechanical advantage is a ratio of forces. Efficiency is a ratio of powers.

What is the ratio of output to input?


What does math ratio mean?

A math ratio means 2 separate parts of a fraction.

What is the ratio of the energy delivered by a system to the energy supplied for its operation?


What is a ratio table in math terms?

a ratio table is a way of presenting a ratio on a math table... pretty self-explanatory

State the relationship between mechanical advatage velocity and efficiency as applied to a machine?

The relationship between mechanical advantage, velocity ratio & efficiency is:- efficiency=Mechanical Advantage/Velocity Ratio

Does the math term ratio mean multiply?

No, the math term ratio doesn't mean multiply.

Is the efficiency of a machine calculated by the ratio or by the product?

efficiency is a product of the input versus the output

How do you improve efficiency?

increased sa:v ratio

What is the ratio of the output to the input force?

It is the efficiency.

How does compression ratio affect engine efficiency and performance?

Engine efficiency is increased though compression ratio by allowing a more thermodynamic energy to be converted into mechanical energy. Energy transfer is the key to efficiency.

When evaluating the operating efficiency of a firm's managers What ratio would you look at?

When evaluating the operating efficiency of a firm's managers, you would look at the Asset Evaluation Ratio.

How could one define operational efficiency?

Operational efficiency can be defined as the ratio between the input to run a business operation and the output gained from the business. When improving operation efficiency, the output to input ratio improves.

Does cutoff ratio affect the engine efficiency?


What is Full Form of EER?

Energy Efficiency Ratio

The ratio of output compaired to in input?

It is the efficiency of a machine.

The ratio of output force to input force is the what?

It is the efficiency.

What is the ratio of output work to input work?


The ratio of output work to input work is?


What is mean of pump efficiency?

The ratio between the energy efficiency of pumps and pump uses the energy that does. Pump efficiency is determined by the manufacturer. In the calculation of pump efficiency is 70%.

Which ratio defines ฯ€ when r represents radius, and d represents diameter?

Why is there no unit for efficiency?

Because efficiency is measured in a ratio. Energy out of the machine divided by energy going into the machine equals efficiency. You can get it as a percentage, but that's about it.

What is the definition of thermal efficiency?

the efficiency of a heat engine measured by the ratio of the work done by it to the heat supplied to it.