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25 mls

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Q: Which measure is the greater one fifth of a gill or 25 mls?
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A fifth equals how many mls?

750 ml

How many mls is one fifth of a liter?


Are mls and grams equal?

No, mls (or milliliters) is a measure of volume while grams is a measure or weight or mass.

100 grams of gel equal to how many mls?

There is not enough information to determine, because grams is a measure of WEIGHT and mls is a measure of LIQUID. <<<adr>>>

What is the conversion for a fifth of alcohol to liters of alcohol?

750 mls or 3/4 of a litre.

How do you measure 1.4 ml on a syringe?

where is .16 mls on a 1mls syringe

Is 300 mls greater than 3 liters?

No 3 L = 3000 ml

What does 500 ml equal in onces?

500 ml of what. It will vary depending on what liquid you have Mls don't convert to ounces. Mls are a measure of volume and ounces are a measure of weight. Unless you are asking about fluid ounces. You need to be more exact with your question. 1 fluid ounce = 29.57 mls

What does 300grams convert to in mls?

Grams can't be converted to milliliters. Grams measure mass, while milliliters measure volume.

How many Mls in 400 grams?

This cannot be sensibly answered. Milliliters is a measure of volume and the other is a measure of weight or mass.

How many cms are in 500 mls?

Milliliters can't be converted to centimeters. Milliliters measure volume, while centimeters measure length.

What is a gills in cooking?

It is a measuring unit, much like a "pint" or a "litre". An imperial Gill is 142 mls, or 5 imperial fluid ounces. A customary US gill is 118mls, or 4 US fluid ounces. See related link for more info.

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