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The variance or standard deviation.

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Q: Which measure of variation is appropriate when using the mean?
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Which measure of variation is appropriate when using the mean and which is appropriate when using the median?

When using the mean: the variance or standard deviation. When using the median: the range or inter-quartile range.

What are the criteria for choosing measure of central tendency and measure of variation?

Central tendency is measured by using the mean, median and mode of a set of numbers. Variation is measured by using the range, variance and standard deviation of a set of numbers.

Which measure of dispersion represents variation from the mean?

Are you talking of this in means of Statistics? If you are, then the variation from the mean is measured in standard deviation.

Does variation mean range in math terms?

No. A range is one measure of variation. It is easy to find, but it is also a rather crude measure.

What is the appropriate measure of central tendency when evaluating the age of a group?


Does the coefficient of variation measure variability in a data set relative to the size of the arithmetic mean?


The Pearsons Coefficient of Skewness is a measure of what?

It is a descriptive statistical measure used to measure the shape of the curve drawn from the frequency distribution or to measure the direction of variation. It is a measure of how far positively skewed (below the mean) or negatively skewed (above the mean) the majority (that's where the mode comes in) of the data lies. Useful when conducting a study using histograms. (mean - mode) / standard deviation. or [3(Mean-Median)]/Standard deviation

How do you measure forse?

If you mean force (not forse) then you measure it using newtons.

What unit measure is to measure the length of a computer cable?

Not sure what cable exactly you mean, but the meter is quite appropriate to measure cables in general.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of coefficient of variation?

One the main advantage of using the coefficient of variation over the standard deviation to measure volatility is the fact that CV is normalized and can be used to directly compare different asset's volatility. The standard deviation must be used in the context of the mean of the data.

What does one standard deviation mean?

Standard deviation is a measure of variation from the mean of a data set. 1 standard deviation from the mean (which is usually + and - from mean) contains 68% of the data.

Determine Coefficient of variation from the mean and standard deviation?

Coeff of Variation = Mean/SD

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