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When using the mean: the variance or standard deviation.

When using the median: the range or inter-quartile range.

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Q: Which measure of variation is appropriate when using the mean and which is appropriate when using the median?
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Which measure of variation is appropriate when using the mean?

The variance or standard deviation.

What are the criteria for choosing measure of central tendency and measure of variation?

Central tendency is measured by using the mean, median and mode of a set of numbers. Variation is measured by using the range, variance and standard deviation of a set of numbers.

What is an advantage of using the range as a measure of variation?

It is simple to calculate.

Why do you need to measure physical quantities and express them using the appropriate units?

to know what is the measure

The Pearsons Coefficient of Skewness is a measure of what?

It is a descriptive statistical measure used to measure the shape of the curve drawn from the frequency distribution or to measure the direction of variation. It is a measure of how far positively skewed (below the mean) or negatively skewed (above the mean) the majority (that's where the mode comes in) of the data lies. Useful when conducting a study using histograms. (mean - mode) / standard deviation. or [3(Mean-Median)]/Standard deviation

How do you calculate the median using Excel?

The median can be calculated using the Median function. Assuming the values you wanted the median of were in cells B2 to B20, you could use the function like this: =MEDIAN(B2:B20)

What is an advantage to using the median when examining a set of data?

The median or mode should be used instead of the mean in distributions with extreme outliers. In such cases, the mean can be a misleading measure of central tendency and the median value or the mode value are typically more accurate measures.

Would you measure a swimming pool using kilometers?

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How do you get the answer using median?

Put all the numbers in order and the median is the number that is in the middle!

How do you calculate standard deviation using median?

You cannot because the standard deviation is not related to the median.

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Salad dressing is commonly measured using a tablespoon-size measuring spoon.

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