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Neither of those units will produce a very convenient number.

But of the two, the kilogram is the better choice.

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Q: Which metric unit of mass would better measure a necktie a milligram or a kilogram?
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What unit of mass would be better to measure a necktie with?


What metric unit of mass would be better to measure the mass of a necktie?


What better unit would it be to measure the mass of an apple gram or kilogram?

It would be better to measure in grams.

Is a gram or kilogram better for measuring the weight of a dog?

kilogram is about 2.2 pounds, so a kilogram is better

What is One-hundredth of a milligram?

1/100 of a milligram is 0.01 milligrams. This is better put as 10 micrograms.

What is the better estimate for the mass of a textbook gram or 1 kilogram?


What is the better estimate for the mass of a textbook 1 gram or 1 kilogram?

1 kilogram, one gram would be about a piece of paper

Which is better value for money- 2 kilogram of grapes for 3.40 or 1 kilogram for 1.80?

The answer is 1kg for $1.80. <3

Which is better value for money- 4.5 kilogram of bananas for 5 or 3.0 kilogram for 3?

4.5 kg for 5 b

What is the better buy 1 kilogram of cat food for 2.75 or 12.5 kilogram for 38.15?

1 kg for $2.75 is better you pay 3.05 per kg for the 12.5 kg bag

Is it better to measure by weight or cups when baking?

It is always better to measure by WEIGHT when baking.

Who is better kilogram or Kobe?

obviously kobe. kg is wayyy to old

Which is better value for money-2 kilogram of grapes for 3.40 or 1 kilogram for 1.80?

teah knows best : 1 kg for $1.80 :)

Would you measure a baseball cap in grams or kilograms?

Since a baseball cap weighs less than one kilogram, using grams would better. For example 120 grams, as opposed to 0.12 kilograms.

Would a dime weigh a gram or a kilogram?

The better estimate for the weight of a dime is a gram.

Which is better unit to measure a bucket of water liter or milliliter?

Litres is better to measure quantities larger than a quart.

Is grams or kilograms better for measuring the mass of textbooks?

For a single textbook, grams is better but for loads of them - for example, a year's worth - a kilogram.

What is more dense a gram of gold or a kilogram of silver?

The more dense its one kilogram of silver and the more better in durability and color it's solid white gold!

What items have kilograms?

Kilograms is a unit of measurement for weight (in the same way that grams, ounces and pounds are a measure of weight). Any item can be weighed in kilograms, but light items may be better off using grams as a measure of their weight, since this way you do not have to deal with small decimal numbers - 1000 grams per kilogram.

What is the better estimate for the mass of a textbook 1 g or 1 kg?

1 kilogram is more realistic.

Why standard deviation is better measure of variance?

1. Standard deviation is not a measure of variance: it is the square root of the variance.2. The answer depends on better than WHAT!

Which is better to measure a baseball hat with a centimeter or meter?

In centimeters

Why is mercury used in thermometres and not water?

because it is better to measure

Is it better to measure a sheet of paper in grams or in kilograms?


Why are ethanol thermometers better than mercury ones?

I don't know about better, but they can measure lower temperatures.