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Plane Mirror And Other Spherical Mirrors Bulged Outside, Such As Convex Mirrors

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Q: Which mirror show virtual image of object placed in front of it?
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What kind of image is created when an object is placed in front of a plane mirror?

A virtual erect image of the same size of the object is formed.

Where should the object be placed in front of a concave mirror to form a virtual and magnified image?

between the center of curvature and focus

Where does your image appear to be when you look into a plane mirror?

It's a virtual reflection of the object which appears as an image as much behind the mirror as the distance of the object in front.

Images formed by a plane mirror?

A plane mirror forms 1 virtual image and no real image. The virtual image is behind the mirror, at the same distance as the object in front of the mirror, erect, in mirror image left-right.

What type of image does a plane mirror form?

The image formed by a plane mirror is virtual, erect, same size as object, and laterally inverted ( left side appears right and right side appears left ). Also, the virtual image is as far behind the mirror as the object is in front of the mirror.

Which position of the object will produce an image of the same size as the object?

In case of reflection at a concave mirror as the object is placed at its center of curvature we get the same size And in case of lens, as object is placed at 2F, we get same sized image

What are the 5 Properties of an image in a plane mirror?

Characteristics of an image formed by the plane mirror are :- * Virtual and erect (up right ) . * The image is of same size as that of the object . *The image is far behind the mirror as the object is in front of it . *The image is laterally inverted .

Is a virtual and inverted image formed by a concave mirror?

Your right! You see technically we see up side down but with the light we see right side up so what that means is yes it is upside down. Well, since the brain doesn't turn it "right side up" it could be either way that you look at it.

When an object is placed 8 millimeters from a concave spherical mirror a clear image can be projected on a screen 16 millimeters in front of the mirror. If the object has a height of 4 millimeters the?

c. 8 millimeters

Describe the images formed in a concave mirror and in a convex mirror?

Here is a description of image formation in a concave mirror: if the object is beyond the center of curvature (F), the image formed is real and upside down; if the object is very near to the concave mirror, the image forms behind the mirror. It is virtual, upright, and bigger in size. Here is a description of image formation in a convex mirror: a convex mirror always produces a virtual, upright, and smaller image of the object at any distance in front of it. The image is located behind the mirror.

What kind of image is formed in the plane mirror?

An image in a plane mirror is created by the light rays reflecting off the reflective surface of a mirror. The image is always virtual because the light rays remain parallel, meaning they never pass through a focal point. The image is actual size, inverted, and always virtual. When light strikes a plane mirror, the angle of incidence will always equal the angle of reflection.

Does a concave mirror create a virtual image?

An virtual image is an image that is formed not by the intersection of two light beams, but it appears that these light beams intersect at some point. The optics of convex mirror doesn't allow the light beams to intersect at any position of object in relation to the mirror. Thus one can never get any real image using convex mirror