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ganito kc yan ..dapat kc...aun un ih.haha

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Q: Which network topology coul you use to create a fair environment in which all computers have equal access to the available bandwidth?
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What topology did Mainframe computers first use?

Mainframe computers first used star topology

What is the arrangement of computer on the network?

The arrangement of computers on a network is called topology. It describes how the individual computers are connected to each other and to the network.examples of topology are Star topology, ring topology, mesh topology, bus topology.

If you have four computers and a switch you want to make a network of these computers using switch which networking topology you will use?

Star Topology

In Ecommerce four computers and a switch then witch topology is used?

Star Topology

Topology represents a collision-free environment?

This is false, topology does not have any representation in the environment. Topology is a study of mathematical shapes and spaces. It focuses on their constant deformations.

What is computer topology?

Computers can be interconnected in different ways to form a network. Such different ways of interconneconnection are called computer topologies. There are 5 topologies. They are: * BUS TOPOLOGY * RING TOPOLOGY * STAR TOPOLOGY * MESH TOPOLOGY * TREE TOPOLOGY

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hierarchical topology?

In hierarchical topology having a single or much less nodes on top level in a very large network like data center, there exist a chance for network congestion and a small portion of available bandwidth is supported for end hosts.

Give or state Criteria for choosing particular topology for network in points?

reliability scalability bandwidth

What are the best network topology for 50 computers?

Mesh Topology... though if you use a beefy-enough machine in the middle, a Star topology might work.

Which termonology referes to the arrangement of computers in a network?

The arrangement of computers in a network is known as Network topology.

What network topology links computers internationally?

A mesh topography.

Which topology represents a collision-free environment?

network this is cisco ccna online test. the answer should be option #3