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Q: Which network topology is most common in todays network?
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Which network topolgies is most common on todays networks?

There are four types of network topologies. These topologies are Star, Mesh, Ring , Bus. Most commonly used topology is star topology.

Which network topology is most common?


Most popular network architecture of a LAN is?

For a topology, the most common is a star topology.

What is the most common physical network topology that is used in a classroom?

Star Topology

What is the most common network topology in today's networks?


Which topology is the most commonly used server network topology?

Star topology is the most commonly used network topology.

What is network topology and give an example of the most common network topology?

Network Topology refers to the way that cables and other pieces of hardware connect to one another. There are four common "base" types of topologies: bus, ring, star, and mesh. There are other types as well, but these are referred to as "hybrid topologies." The most commonly used network topology is a hybrid topology called the Star Bus Topology.

Definition of irregular topology?

A topology is the physical configuration of a network. Each network has their own particular type of topology, with the most common being LAN or WAN. Irregular topology is a common topology of LAN, where the information is sent through random connections between computers.

Why does network topology matter to design a network?

yes, network topology does matter to design a network. as we know that topology is a structure of network. without a topology network cannot be designed. we have to consider which topology to use and what does each topology does. different topology have its different features. if you want most secure connection use full mesh topology

The most common Ethernet topology is?

The "star" topology is the most common.

Which is the most common network topology where each node is connected to a switch?

Star topologa

Which is the most common network topology where each node is connected to a switch.?

Star topologa

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