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0 ie Zero is a multiple of every number

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Q: Which number is a multiple of every other number?
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Can a decimal be a multiple or does a multiple have to be a whole number. So for example is 2.58 a multiple of 10?

It has to be a whole number, or else every number would be a multiple of every other number.

Every number is a multiple of?

Every whole number (obviously not 0) is a multiple of 1.

Why no other prime numbers end in 5?

Every other number that ends in 5 is a multiple of 5 this is why

Is one a multiple of every number?

One is a factor of every number. One is only a multiple of itself.

Is 39 a multiple of 6?

Not in the normal usage of the words. Usually, a number is considered to be a multiple of another number only of there is an integer you can multiply the other number by in order to get the first number. If you allowed multiplication by non-integers, then every number would be a multiple of every other number except zero and the term "multiple" would be fairly useless. So in the normal way of speaking, 39 is not a multiple of 6 because there is no integer (whole number) you can multiply 6 by in order to get 39.

Which number is the multiple of every number?


Which number is multiple of every number?


Is zero a multiple of a number?

No. * * * * * Yes. In fact, zero is a multiple of every number.

Every number is multiple of its self?

Yes. And that multiple is 1.

Why is every multiple of two an even number?

Because your beginning number was a multiple of 2.

What number is a common multiple of 16 and 20?

Every multiple of 80 is. There are an infinite number of them.

Is every multiple next to a multiple of six always a prime number?