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The correct answer is 20.

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Q: Which number is it that is just as much less than 50 as four times the number is greater than 50?
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How do you work out numbers squared?

A number squared is just that number times itself. For example four squared is four times four equals sixteen (42 = 4 x 4 = 16).

If two times number greater than 16 then the number greater than 7?

Yes. In fact 2x>16 implies that x>8 (not just 7).

Neptune has four times the diameter of what planet?

Neptunes diameter is just over four times that of Venus' diameter, and just under four times that of Earth's diameter.

how doses 4x2= 08?

Because 4x2 is just another way of saying 4 plus four, as when you times anything by two you are just doubling the number. So that is why 4x2 is 8 as you are doubling 4 and double four is 8

What number is 1000 times greater than 4?

To work this out, just do 4x1000 = 4000 Anything equal to or greater than 4000 is greater than 4

How can you tell just by looking at a fraction that it is greater than1?

If the top number is larger than the bottom number, it is greater than 1.

Why is anything mulpitied by a number always greater?

because when mulitipling that number your always going to get a greater number because that's just how mulipication worksWhen multiplying two whole numbers the result will always be greater than either number except when multiplying by zero (the result will always be zero), or multiplying by one (the result is always the other number). Although it f obvious to most people, it can be demonstrated as follows:When multiplying a number by 2, the result is twice the number.When multiplying a number by 3, the result is three times the number,even bigger.When multiplying a number by 4, the result is four times the number,even bigger still.The pattern continues. Each time you multiply by a larger number, the result gets even bigger.a

Is the square root of a number greater than the square of the number?

Yes, if the number is less than '1'.Just the opposite, if the number is greater than '1'.

What number multiplied by four equals twenty-eight?

Four times seven equals 28. It is often just easiest to memorize the "Times Tables". When you memorize the tables, you will be quick to answer the easier problems.

How many times does 21 go into 89?

its 4 this ok 2 4 6 8 9 we stop at 8 because the number 89 is the same just not a nine the next thing is if we do 21x 4 it equals 84 if we keep going forward it will be out of balance so the answer is 4

What is greater than 100?

Just add one to 100 (or to any finite number, for that matter), to get a number that is larger than the original number.

Do large organisms have larger cells or just a greater number of cells than small organisms?

Greater number of cells than smaller organisms

What mixed number is greater than 4.63?

4 and 64/100 is just one of an infinite number of mixed numbers that are greater than 4.63.

What is greater compounds or the number of elements?

the number of compounds is greater than the number of elements.. just like the letters of alphabet combine to form words, elements combine to form a large number of compounds

What is more 05 percent or 25 percent?

Just as 25 is greater than 5 (or 05) so 25% of a number is greater than 5% of that number.

How do you find one fourth of a number?

Divide the number by four. (One fourth is the same as one quarter.) One fourth of 8 is 2. One fourth of 16 is 4. One fourth of 100 is 25.

The Moon's diameter is about 3476 kilometers Earths diameter is about four times greater than the Moon's diameter What is the approximate size of Earths diameter?

i just happen to know it exactly. it is 12,756 kilometers or 7,926 miles.

The volume of a cylinder increased by 8 times the original volume How many times greater are each of the dimensions of that new cylinder?

the dimensions of the cylinder would be 2 times greater. We just had a test on this stuff and this was one of the questions.

What is a number that is greater than zero?

A number greater than zero is a postive number because if you look at a negative and postive number line then you will see that the number greater than zero are postives because its just a postive.

A prime number less than 50 is 6 greater than the prime number just before it and 4 less than the prime number just after it what is the prime number?


How do you round off the number 673.27 to one decimal place?

To round off a decimal place you look at the digit just after if the number is five or greater you round up if it is less than 5 just drop everything behind it off. Since 7 is greater than 5 the answer is 673.3

Which is greater 2 quarts or1 gallon?

There are four quarts in a gallon. Just like there are four quarters in a dollar. Two quarts would be a half a gallon and that would make the gallon greater.

Is 0.584 greater than 0.58?


What is the greatest 4 letter palindrome?

a palindrome can be greater than just four alphabets for eg. 'racecar'.

How do you find first number is 5 time greater the second?

just add the 5 to each number and compare the succeding number