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You CAN'T calculate the height of something, just by knowing its width.

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Q: Which of the fol the height y if x is the width?
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Is the algebraic expression that best describes the height y if x is the width?


What is the algebraic expression that best describes the height y if x is the width?


What are the possible lengths and widths if the area is 40?

Call the width x and the height y. Then expressing the area in function of x and y gives: x*y=40 or y=40/x It is now possible to choose any width (x) and calculate the height (y) needed to get an area of 40.

What way is length width and height?

A body have 3 dimension x, y and z, which is length, width and height respectively. We can calculate the volume of the body by multiplying the 3 parameters Volume = x . y . z

Volume of a rectangle prism?

v(x,y,z) = x*y*z, where x = length y = width z = height v = volume

What is the algebraic expression that describes the height y if x is the width?

Need more context

What is the correct order for expressing height width depth?

x, y, zx,y,z refers to the axes of 3 dimensional space. So normally, when drawing in 2 dimensional space you are drawing on the x,y plane. In this case that would mean x would be the width, y would be the height, and z would be into, or out of the 2 dimensional page, which translates to depth. So, when looking at what is considered the front of the object it would be width(x), height(y), depth(z).

The height of X is 11 8th the height of Y The sum of X and Y is 570ft Find the height of each?

x=335.79 y=244.21

Is a rectangle two dimensional?

Yes, a rectangle is only two dimensional, because it only exists on the x and y axises, that is it only is on a single plane. Three dimensional objects exist on the x,y, and z axises. You can think of it as anything that has height or width but is flat is two dimensional, and anything that has height, width, and depth as three dimensional.

What is the width of a rectangular prism if the volume is 48 cubic meters and its length is twice its width and the height is 4 meters longer than its width?

Let the width of the rectangular prism be y Therefore we can write all the measurements of the rectangular prism in terms of y. width = y length = 2y height = y + 4 Finding the volume of the rectangular prism y x 2y x (y + 4) = 48 2y2(y+4) = 48 y2(y+4) = 24 From this equation, we can see that y must equal 2 (22 x 6 = 24) Therefore the width of the rectangular prism is 2m. Note that in this question, when we got to the equation y2(y+4) = 24, we used 'guess and check' to find that y was. We purposely avoided expanding the bracket as this would have left us with a cubic to solve, which is quite difficult to solve analytically unless you already know one of its roots.

Why is volume measured by cubic units?

because volume is a function of all three dimensions, length, width and Height. X, Y and Z

What is the distance called that is represented by the arrow Z?

Z represents the Z axis in any three dimensional graph or chart. It is often called "length", as in length, width, height. Width being the X axis, and Height being the Y axis.