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Circle. The rest are parallelograms.

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Q: Which of the following doesn't fit square rectangle circle paralellogram?
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How does the shape of the egg cell help it?

it is sort of roundish oval ish. but not rectangle! why do you ask??

In basketball what is the front?

it doesnt have a frount it is a circle

How many times do the sun circle the planet?

none the sun doesnt circle the planet planets circle the sun!!!

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no because a rectangled has to four right agnles which a trapazoid doesnt have

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What does of the following doesnt consist of in the business communication?

An order

What is a shape that doesnt have equal sides?

Shapes that do not have equal sides is called a quadrilateral. They include an irregular quadrilateral, rectangle, or a parallelogram.

How many pairs of parallel sides does a circle have?

Omg ! It doesnt hv any parallel sides

How many radii does a circle have?

A radii is just a plural form of radius. A circle doesnt have one radius. The term radii is mostly used when talking about multiple circles.

Why manhole is a circle when physics is applied?

So it doesnt fall in, theres no way for a circle to fall into the hole, whereas a square manhole, when tilted at the right angle, could fall in and hurt the workers underneath.

What is a segment whose endpoints are on a circle?

A chord. a diameter also has endpoints on a circle, the only difference is a diameter goes through the center point and a chord doesnt have to go through the center. a diameter is considered a chord.

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