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Q: Which of the following is not an example of a continuous?
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Is temperature an example of continuous variable?

Yes. It is a continuous variable. As used in probability theory, it is an example of a continuous random variable.

Are zip codes and example of continuous variables?

It is not continuous.

Is the variation in weight in human populations an example of discrete or continuous variation?

It is an example of continuous variations.

Is the continuous tense is the progressive aspect?

The continuous tense and the progressive tense are the same thing. To make the continuous future tense you use the following structure: subject + WILL + BE + Verb. For example, I will be running.

Are zip codes an example of continuous variables?

Yes, family income is absolutely an example of a continuous variable. but zip code ,i think, is not a continuous variable

What is the present continuous?

"I have been doing something" is an example of the present perfect continuous.

Can rely be used in continuous tense?

Yes, "rely" can be used in continuous tense. For example, "I am relying on you to finish the project on time."

Is a proportion an example of a continuous variable?


What are example of continuous division?


Can you give a example of simple sentence using the word continuous?

the flow of the water seems continuous.

Is the infinite sum of continuous function continuous?

An infinite sum of continuous functions does not have to be continuous. For example, you should be able to construct a Fourier series that converges to a discontinuous function.

What is example of a quantity that is continuous?

People's heights.