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eight less than twice a number

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Q: Which of the following verbal expression represents the algebraic expression 2x-8?
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Whats the difference between an algebraic expression and a verbal expression?

The difference is that an algebraic expression has numbers, symbols and variables, but a verbal expression has only words.

Translate each algebraic expression to a verbal expression?

uh i really don't KNOW ok

How do you change a verbal phrase to a algebraic expression?

the sum of a number and three

What would be the algebraic expression for the following verbal expression the quotient of three times a variable x to the power of five and seven times a variable y to the power of four?

3x5 ÷ 7y4

What is a verbal expressions for the algebraic expression 7p?

Seven multiplied by the variable "p"

How can you translate eleven more than 5 times a number in verbal expression to an algebraic expression?

5n + 11

Which of the following verbal expressions represents the algebraic experession b2 - 3c3?

b2 - 3c3 is expressed verbally as, " b squared minus three c cubed."

How do you write a verbal expression for each algebraic expression?

the + of a number and 10 k decreased by 4 = k-4

What is an algebraic expression for the verbal phrase the quotient of a number plus 6 and 3?


What is the difference between a verbal model and a algebraic model?

The differnce between a verbal model and a algebraic model is that a verbal model is an equation written in words and a algebraic model is solving the equation from the verbal model.

Which expression represents the verbal phrase the sum of there times a number and five?

" 3x + 5 " does.

How do you write 2x in verbal expression?

That is in verbal expression. x is the verbal, if you're trying to make it x times 2 in verbal expression it is as you wrote it 2x.

How do you change 9a into a verbal expression?

9a verbal expression

What is 19-3 in a verbal expression?

19-3 in a verbal expression = 16

Which algebraic expression is a translation of the verbal expression 6 increased by double a number?

Let the original number be y Therefore the new number is given by the expression 2y + 6

What algebraic inequality represents the verbal sentence two is less than a number decreased by nine?


What verbal expression represent the algebraic expression 3(5 3)?

Maya wrote the expression 3+5+4.5 to represent the total distance that she traveled. Which statement best describes Maya's expression? Maya's expression will generate the correct sum because of the associative property.

What is a verbal expression example?

For example you have w-1 a verbal expression for that algebraic expressionwould be a number decreased by 1. Another example is x+4 would be 4 more than a number. 5c is the product of 5 and a number. h/8 is a number divided by 8.

What is the verbal description for algebraic expression 100-5n?

sfvji snfihsf iodf uhcx ud h usfuyscv8wfbvyshfvudyfvyufvudyhfb

What are the different forms of expression which fall under Verbal and Non Verbal communication?

Non verbal expression includes smiling, wink, laughing. Verbal expression example includes thank you which expresses gratitude, sorry which expresses love.

Definition of Verbal Expression?

When a person communicates their opinions, values, or beliefs to others in writing or by speaking, this is called verbal expression. It means using words to express yourself. Verbal expression is a noun.

What is a verbal expression?

a mathematical expression written in words

A verbal expression for 5 a-b?

A verbal expression for 5 a-b is that it is 5 is multiplied by the difference between a and b.

What is the verbal expression of plus?


Where the verbal expression for 5 - 4n?


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What is the simplest form of the expression w plus 2x plus 3w - 2xw?

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