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eight less than twice a number

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Q: Which of the following verbal expression represents the algebraic expression 2x-8?
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Translate each algebraic expression to a verbal expression?

uh i really don't KNOW ok

How do you change a verbal phrase to a algebraic expression?

the sum of a number and three

What would be the algebraic expression for the following verbal expression the quotient of three times a variable x to the power of five and seven times a variable y to the power of four?

3x5 ÷ 7y4

What is a verbal expressions for the algebraic expression 7p?

Seven multiplied by the variable "p"

Whats the difference between an algebraic expression and a verbal expression?

The term "verbal expression" in mathematical terms refers to a math phrase or statement that uses words or letters instead of using numbers. An example of this might be "Three divided by two" instead of "3/2."

How can you translate eleven more than 5 times a number in verbal expression to an algebraic expression?

5n + 11

How do you write a verbal expression for each algebraic expression?

the + of a number and 10 k decreased by 4 = k-4

Which of the following verbal expressions represents the algebraic experession b2 - 3c3?

b2 - 3c3 is expressed verbally as, " b squared minus three c cubed."

How do you write q2 and verbal expression?

Write an algebraic expression for the verbal expression. q squared minus 2 times q

What is an algebraic expression for the verbal phrase the quotient of a number plus 6 and 3?


Which algebraic expression is a translation of the verbal expression 6 increased by double a number?

Let the original number be y Therefore the new number is given by the expression 2y + 6

Which expression represents the verbal phrase the sum of there times a number and five?

" 3x + 5 " does.