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30 celsius is hotter (30 C = 86 F)

F =1.8C + 32 = (1.8 X 30) + 32 = 86

30F is equal to -1C. 30C is equal to 86F.

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Q: Which one is hotter 30 Celsius or 30 ferinhite?
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How do you know which is hotter 30 degrees celsius or 30 degrees Fahrenheit?

30 degrees Celsius is hotter because 0 degrees Celsius = 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is Fahrenheit or Celsius hotter?

30 C is hotter than 30 F

Which is hotter 30 degree celsius or 30 degree Fahrenheit?

30 degrees celsius

Which is hotter 30C or 30F?

30 Celsius is hotter than 30 Fahrenheit. 30F is equal to -1C. 30C is equal to 86F.

Which is hotter 30 degrees Celsius or 30 degrees Fahrenheit how do you know?

The freezing point of water is zero Celsius or 32 Fahrenheit. 30 F is below freezing, 30 C is above it. 30 C is hotter.

Is the sun or the earths core hotter?

The sun's core is hotter, it is about 30 billion degrees Celsius.

Is 30 degree celsius hotter than 83 degree fahrenheit?

There equal

Which would be hotter 35 degrees Celsius or 35 degrees Fahrenheit and why?

30 C. is a heat wave, but 30 F is just below freezing. So 30 C is hotter by far.

Is 30 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than 30 degrees Celsius?

86 degrees Fahrenheit. ---- Celsius to Fahrenheit · Multiply by 9 · Divide by 5 · Add 32 Fahrenheit to Celsius · Subtract 32 · Divide by 9 · Multiply by 5

What is the temperature in Canada in the summer?

from around +10 to +30 plus 30 degrees (Celsius)

What is the temperature likely to be like in Cape Town in December?

About 30 degrees Celsius. Sometimes the wind makes the temp hotter.

How hot does white phosphorous burn?

From what I've heard, it burns consistently at a temperature of 30 degrees celsius, but can burn hotter when in dry air.