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You are problem thinking about the stories of Anne Boleyn:

It was said that Anne Boleyn (c1501-07 to 1536) had moles or warts on her neck, and her enemies accused her of having six fingers on one hand. She did not have six fingers, but an abnormality on one of her fingers. However, these facts were used against her when she was accused of witchcraft (as well as adultery and incest). She was unable to provide Henry VIII with a male heir, having given birth to a daughter only (who later became Elizabeth I). Once Henry had tired of Anne (his second wife), the trumped up charges were brought in order to get her condemned. She was found guilty and executed on 19 May 1536.

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Q: Which one of Henry VIII wives had two thumbs?
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Who rulde the country for Henry VIII?

when Henry was out on campaign one of his wives took over

How any wives did King Henry VII have?

Answer King Henry VII of England had one wife. His son, King Henry VIII famously had six wives.

What happened to Henry VIII after he declared war with France?

he killed one of his wives

Which one of Henry VIII wives had a sixth finger?

Henry VIII's second wife Anne Boleyn was rumored to have a sixth finger but their is no proof of this whatsoever.

Why did Henry III have 6 wives?

It was actually Henry VIII who had six wives and that was because he wanted a son but none of the wives gave him one so he either divorced them or killed them

Who were Henry VIII's famous executions excluding his wives?

One would be Thomas More, who was a great friend of Henry VIII but refused to become a protestant - the religion Henry was enforcing.

What was Henry VIII unsuccesful at?

Producing a male heir from any one of his six wives.

Was Mary Boleyn one of Henry VIII's wives?

No buther sister Anne Boleyn was Henry's second wife.

Henry VIII is buried alongside which of his wives?

Henry VIII is buried next to Jane Seymore. She was his third wife and the only one whose son survived.

What was bad about Henry VIII?

One thing bad about Henry was that he beheaded 1/3 of his wives, and divorced 1/3 of his wives! Another thing is that he had a row with the Pope!

Did Henry Vii have many wives?

King Henry VII of England had one wife. His son, Henry VIII, famously married six times.

Was Henry VII new religion in line with Lutheran or Protestantism?

Henry VII was a Roman Catholic. He had a son, Henry VIII, the one with 6 wives.