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Q: Which one of the following sets of regular polygons can be used for a semiregular tessellation?
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Related questions

What is a semiregular tessellation?

Tesselation that is slightly less regular than regular tesselation.

What tessellation is formed by using regular polygons?

A regular tessellation or semi-regular tessellation or none.

What is a semi- regular tessellation?

Semi-regular tessellation is a tessellation of the plane by 2 or more different convex regular polygons. A semi-regular tessellation combines two or more regular polygons. Each semi-regular tessellation has a tupelo, which designates what kind of regular polygon is used.

A regular tessellation is a tessellation which uses regular polygons to cover a surface completely?


What regular polygons can be put in a tessellation?

Regular polygons with 3, 4 or 6 sides.

What is the tessellation that uses more than one kind of regular polygons?

It is a semi-regular tessellation.

Can a semi-regular tessellation be made from octagons and rhombi?

Strictly speaking, no, because a semi-regular tessellation must be based on regular polygons and rhombi are not regular polygons. However, octagons and rhombi can be used to make a non-regular tessellation.

What would a semi regular tessellation have?

It is a tessellation which uses two regular polygons. For example, octagons and squares.

What is seni-regular tessellation?

There is no such thing as a seni-regular tessellation. A semi-regular tessllation is a tessellation using two regular polygons: for example, octagons and squares together.

There are only three regular polygons which can make a regular tessellation?


What is a regualr tessellation?

A regular tessellation is when polygons are joined together leaving no gaps or overlaps

What is the difference between a regular tessellation and a semi regular one?

A regular tessellation uses only one regular polygon. A semi-regular tessellation is based on two or more regular polygons.

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