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Strictly speaking, no, because a semi-regular tessellation must be based on regular polygons and rhombi are not regular polygons. However, octagons and rhombi can be used to make a non-regular tessellation.

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Q: Can a semi-regular tessellation be made from octagons and rhombi?
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Can a semi regular tessellation be made from octagons and rhombi?


Could a tessellation be made using just one of a polygon?

No. Because tessellation is about using lost (infinitely many) copies of a polygon to cover a surface, One polygon does not comprise a tessellation.

What is a regular tessellation?

A regular polygon has 3 to 5 or more sides and angles, they should be all equaled. A regular tessellation means a tessellation made up of congruent regular polygons.

How do you name a tessellation?

Tessellations are named based on the number of polygons located at a vertex. For example: A regular tessellation, made from only triangles is named 3.3.3

Can a heptagon be made into a tessellation?

No convex polygon with 7 or more sides can tessellate.

What is the connection between maths and the artist MC Escher?

MC Escher made a series of etchings using space filling shapes - a form of tessellation, although not uniform tessellation.

What is a semi regular tessellation?

Semi-regular tessellation is a tessellation of the plane by 2 or more different convex regular polygons. A semi-regular tessellation combines two or more regular polygons. Each semi-regular tessellation has a tupelo, which designates what kind of regular polygon is used.

What is a simple tassellation?

A simple tessellation is a pattern made of identical shapes. The shapes fit together without any gaps and do not overlap. An example of a simple tessellation would be a tiled floor.

Can a tessellation be made using the shape of a kite?

Yes, any quadrilateral will tessellate.

What shapes can be made out of right angled triangles?

Scalene triangles, rectangles, rhombi, concave polygons with 5 or more sides.

Can a hexagon and a square be made to tessellate?

No. Hexagons and squares will each tessellate by themselves but one can not make a tessellation out of hexagons and squares combined. However, if you add in a third shape, the triangle, one can make a tessellation.

What is the name of the tessellation made with more than one regular polygon?

A tessellation made up of two or more regular polygons is referred to as a semi-regular tessellation. The eight semi-regular tessellations are known as:,,,, 3.12.12, 4.6.12, 4.8.8.The numbers refer to the number of sides of polygons around each vertex, starting with the polygon with the fewest number of sides.