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Q: Which personality dimension has generally been found to have the highest validity across a number of different jobs?
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Can a study have internal validity but not external validity?

Yes. Internal validity is whether or not the experiment is studying what it intends to. External validity is whether or not the study can be generalised outside of the study. For example, if you had a perfect experiment set up, that measures something perfectly, then it will have internal validity. You haven't, however, shown that you would get the same results in different cultures, or in different time periods. Thus the experiment may not have external validity.

What are the erroneous theory of personality?

Some erroneous theories of personality include phrenology, which suggests that personality traits can be determined by the shape of one's skull, and astrology, which claims that personality is influenced by the positions of celestial bodies at birth. These theories lack scientific validity and are not supported by empirical evidence.

What exactly is the meaning of the phrase 'the exception proves the rule'?

The word proves in this context means "tests the validity of." The expression is generally misunderstood to mean that the exception somehow demonstrates the validity of the rule.

What has the author William Earl Henry written?

William Earl Henry has written: 'The validity of the thematic apperception test in the study of adolescent personality'

What are threats to external validity?

"A threat to external validity is an explanation of how you might be wrong in making a generalization."[4] Generally, generalizability is limited when the cause (i.e. the independent variable) depends on other factors; therefore, all threats to external validity interact with the independent variable.

What is cross chek?

It means check the validity of an answer in two different ways.

What are characteristics of objective personality tests?

Objective personality tests are standardized and have clear scoring criteria, making them easier to score and interpret. They often use multiple-choice or true/false questions, reducing the potential for subjective bias in the scoring process. Additionally, they have established reliability and validity, ensuring consistent and accurate results across different administrations.

What is the validity of scientific reasoning?

Science has no agreed upon valid answers. Generally in science, validity refers to the extent in which a conclusion or measurement corresponds accurately to reality.

If you gain internal validity do you lose external validity?

If you gain internal validity do you lose external validity

Do you get fingerprinted at the Bahamas port coming from the US?

Usually no. They just check you passport for validity and all other needed papers. But generally no.

Is there validity for pgecet rank?

for Gate exam there is a validity but i think for pgeset there is no validity.

Is location a threat to internal validity?

Location can be a threat to internal validity if different locations have different characteristics that could affect the outcome of the study. To minimize this threat, researchers should try to control for location by either selecting locations that are similar in relevant characteristics or by randomizing the assignment of participants to different locations.