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A rhombus

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Q: Which polugon has no rights angles all sides equal andand both acyte and obtuse angles?
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What is the main difference between squares and rhombuses?

Squares have 4 rights angles but a rhombus may or may not have 4 right angles.

A quadrilateral with all congruent sides and all rights angles is called?


What objects have rights angles?

Square, rectangle and a right angle triangle are examples.

What is perpendicular lines called?

Perpendicular lines intersect each other at rights angles which are 90 degrees.

A shape with two pairs of perpindicular lines two right angles and five sides?

Its Impossible. For there to be a shape where all five lines meet perfectly and there to be two pairs of perpendicular sides, there must three right angles. Alternitavely, you could have 1 pair of perpendicular lines and two rights angles, but certainly not both.

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Well, it is because of the appearance. A square has 4 rights angles, 2 pairs of parallel lines, 2d shape, and all the sides are the same length! so look out for square's!

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