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A rectangle perhaps?

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Q: Which polygon has 2 pairs of parallel sides and 2 pairs of equal angles and 2 lines of symmetry?
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What are the attributes of a polygon?

A polygon has sides A polygon can have any number of side A polygon can not be curved so a circle is not a polygon Regular Polygon Has congruent sides and angles Has lines of symmetry Irregular Polygon Doesn't have any equal sides or angles Doesn't have any lines of symmetry

What shape has no parallel sides are equal in length angles are equal and has 5 lines of symmetry?


Does a square four equal parallel sides and no right angles and twolines of symmetry?


What is a polygon with no lines of symmetry?

If the polygon does not have two interior angles equal to each other, it is asymmetrical, for example a scalene triangle.

What is a four sided polygon with two sides parallel and 2 pairs of equal angles?

An isosceles trapezoid has a pair of parallel sides and a pair of equal base angles

What polygon has two pairs of equal angles and two pair of parallel lines?

A square

What does a rectangle must equal?

A rectangle is a four sided polygon with four right angles and two pairs of parallel side. [Equal sides is not required since it is implied by parallel and right angles].

What is the greatest number of lines of symmetry a polygon with 14 sides can have?

A polygon with 14 sides can have at most 14 lines of symmetry. This would occur if the polygon was a regular polygon (i.e. all its sides would have to be equal and all its angles would have to be equal). The lines of symmetry would run between the midpoints of opposite sides and between opposite vertices.

What shape has 4 lines of symmetry 2 pairs of parallel sides all angles equal and opposite sides are equal?

a square

What is a polygon that has has two pairs of equal angles and two pairs of parallel lines called?

A square A parallelogram

What is a parallelogram with four right angles called?

A parallelogram is a four sided polygon with opposing parallel sides of equal length. Then if it has four right angles, the polygon becomes a rectangle.

What shape has equal sides parallel sides and right angles and lines of symmetry?

square and rectangles are technicality squares