What are the attributes of a polygon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A polygon has sides

A polygon can have any number of side

A polygon can not be curved so a circle is not a polygon

Regular Polygon

Has congruent sides and angles

Has lines of symmetry

Irregular Polygon

Doesn't have any equal sides or angles

Doesn't have any lines of symmetry

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Has congruent sides and angles

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Q: What are the attributes of a polygon?
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How would you describe the attributes of a polygon?

describe the character;information of polygons

How do you identify a polygon without using attributes?

All polygons have 3 or more sides

What are attributes of a polygon?

A polygon is any shape with three straight lines and three angles. Shapes such as squares, rectangles, triangles, and pentagons are the most common types of polygons.

What are the attributes of a nonagon?

A nonagon is a 9 sided polygon whose 9 interior angles add up to 1260 degrees

How do i classify a polygon using their attributes?

The primary classification of a polygon is according to the number of sides (or vertices) that it has.If all the sides are of equal length and all the angles are of the same measure then it is a regular polygon.If any of the angles is a reflex angle then it is a concave polygon, otherwise it is convex.

What are the attributes of a pyramid?

A pyramid has a based that is a polygon such as a triangle or rectangle. The other sides of a pyramid consist of triangles, which are usually the same size.

How do you create an image map in Adobe Illustrator?

Select the object you want mapped. Then in the attributes window select rectangle (or polygon) from the image map menu. Below that enter the destination url.

What are attributes of a cylinder?

A cylinder is a basic geometric three dimensional figure. The base is a circle. A cylinder can be described as an enclosed tube. It cannot be classified as a polygon since all of the sides are not segments.

What is a polygon with equal sides and angles is a what polygon?

it seems to me that the only polygon of your description is a square

Types of polygons?

A type of polygon is a rhombusial polygon, trysectalnict polygon, and a equilateral polygon.

Is a traingle a regular polygon or a polygon?

A triangle (not traingle) is a polygon. It can be a regular polygon but need not be.

Is and arrow a polygon?

an arrow is or isn't a polygon?