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The surface of the sun!

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Q: Which region gets the most number of sunshine hours per year?
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What Canadian city get the most summer sunshine?

Calgary. Calgary always gets the most sunshine. EDIT: The above answer (Calgary) is incorrect. The correct answer is Yellowknife, averaging 1030 hours of sunshine per summer.

Can airport x-ray cameras damage the brain?

No ... the dose of radiation one gets from an x-ray is about the equivalent of a couple hours in the sunshine.

What is the emergency for number for Niagara region?

911 is the emergency number for the Niagara region. This gets you through to an operator who will ask what emergency service is required and get the necessary details.

Which California city gets the most sunshine?


Where is a place that gets hardly any sunshine?

Your basement. Right?

Why does Saudi Arabia gets sunshine?

because its near to the equator!

What county in the world gets the least amount of sunshine?

probably england

Average number of hours of tv watched a day?

On average a televison set gets about 4.7 hours of use per day

Why is the sunshine coast called the sunshine coast?

It gets lots of sunshine, and some tourism board thought it would be a good name for the area (so that they could attract lots of new residents and tourists).

How big does a sunshine crab get?

it gets to be 10-12 feet then it stops growing

What happens to black paper when it is lane out in the snow with sunshine?

It gets very soggy

Which state gets fewer days of sunshine in the winter Florida or Ohio?