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Which routing protocol depends on the DUAL algorithm to calculate the shortest path to a destination

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Q: Which routing protocol depends on the DUAL algorithm to calculate the shortest path to a destination?
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Which algorithm is run by link-state routing protocols to calculate the shortest path to destination networks?


What does the Cisco IOS use to calculate the OSPF cost to a destination network?

OSPF stands for open shortest path first. OSPF is an exterior routing protocol. OSPF uses Path vector routing algorithm.

How does the bellman ford algorithm work?

This distance-vector algorithm works by computing the shortest path , and considers weights. The algorithm was distributed widely in the RIP protocol.

Where we can use dijkstra's algorithm?

A practical application is in certain routing protocols, like OSPF. The problem it solves is to search for the "shortest" path to each destination - "shortest" meaning the one that has the lowest "distance" or "metric" according to the criteria used. Dijkstra's algorithm is easy to use and is a good graph search algorithm to use when it is hard to calculate the heuristics.

What routing protocol depends on the dual algorithm to calculate the shortest path?

Enhanced Interior Gateway Protocol It is a Cisco proprietary protocol. It uses bandwidth and delay by default to calculate the best path. It can also use load and delay, but these are usually not used. It is a distance vector routing protocol. It keeps a topology map, but it is only similar to the topology map of link state routing protocols.

With a distance vector routing protocol how is the best route determined?

It looks for the quickest way to the destination by continuing on the shortest path

Which is the best shortest path algorithm?

dijkstra's algorithm (note* there are different kinds of dijkstra's implementation) and growth graph algorithm

Is shortest path routing algorithm adaptive?


What is Dijkstra's algorithm?

Dijkstra's algorithm is used by the OSPF and the IS-IS routing protocols. The last three letters in OSPF (SPF) mean "shortest path first", which is an alternative name for Dijkstra's algorithm.

What are the two most commonly encountered link-state routing protocols in ip network?

Routers that run a link-state protocol can establish a complete topology of the network. The shortest path first algorithm is used.

How does the Greedy Algorithm work?

There is not "a" greedy algorithm; "greedy algorithm" is a term to describe several algorithms that have some things in common. The general idea is that at each step, you look for what seems to be, "locally", the best solution. For example, in a shortest-distance problem, look for a step that takes you closer to the destination. This may, or may not, lead to the best solution overall.

What is Non adaptive routing algorithm?

Answer: shortest path routing