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Q: Which sample is obtaind by dividing population into groups and selecting all individuals from within a random sample of the groups.?
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What termin mathematics refers to the number obtaind when two or more numbers are multiplied?

the product

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Is ichigo a visored?

A visored is a soul reaper who obtaind hollow powers so yes

What termin mathematics refers to the number obtaind when two or more numbers are multiplied?

the product

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What do you mean by common emmiter configuration?

In whch emitter is cmmön.input is taken frm base nd output is obtaind acros collector.

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You can only find it after you have deafeated the elite four and obtaind the national pokedex. Go to route 228, and go to the part of it where there isa sort of blowing sandstorm, find the grassy areas and search around, it is not to hard to find, it will be at about level 53-Level 56.

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well firstly the groudon in steam cave is FAKE! the real groudon is when you complete the game and complete the dungeon "shimmar desert" at the end of the dungeon you fight groudon, defeat him and with a bit of luck you can recruit him. you can onley unlock shimmar desert after you found sizor and obtaind secret rank. then go to spinda café and talk to the Pokemon at the entrance there are seven of these dungeons.

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THE AMBER GEM... first you need to make a new garden and call it pinata people remember to use that little sqigy line above the N, ok after typing it in enter the garden but save and quit strate away then you should find the credits have been unlocked on the main menu, go to the credits and professor pestor will tell you to smash all the pinatas in the garden, after doing that the wishing well should be unlocked to purchase at costalotes store for 550 or so choc coins, place it in your garden and Ivor Bargin will start talking to you saying he is stuck down the well, you need to throw 9999 coins or so and he should throw an amber gem up the well, put it in the garden store along with the three bones. THE THREE BONES... ok first the green bone is obtaind in the mine with 4 diggerlings pay them some mony so they will work harder, the blue bone is obtaind the same way as the green bone but takes longer to get. the red bone is obtaind after you reach level 45 or 46 i forget, when you have all 3 bones get Bart to tinker then he will say they are to big to place in the garden so they will be at the post office, the dino depends on the first bone tinkerd RED=triceratops BLUE=brontosaurus GREEN=stegasoarus, on my opinion the triceratops is coolest, purchase a garden store and pace the 3 bones and amber gem inside wait for a bit and hopfully an egg should come out get a cluckles wering a jurasic wig thing to hatch it and you will have your own baby dino, like the dragonache it needs to eat stuff to grow into an adult but i don't know what thay are sorry,look on youtube. =)

What is the CGPA?

CGPA = cumulative grade point averageThe CGPA is the average of grade points obtaind in all subjects excluding additional subjects as per Scheme of studies. An indicative equivalence of Grade point and percentage of marks can be computed asSubject wise indicative percentage of marks =9.5 X GP of the subjectsOverall indicative percentage of marks =9.5 X CGPA

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in Pokemon blue rescue team after you beat rayquaza you can again go down the magma cavern and fight him do not worry when you get him he gives you friend area u should through a red gummi at him and have a friend bow as you pokemons item you should circle the dungoen three time and have a friend bow which can be obtaind by a wonder mail code don't bring a Pokemon with a height over 2 stars u can check that by looking a the pokemons summary his get rate is very low so i would recomend saving at the statue and turn off it u don't get him and try again and again

For the big long deoxys code for action replay what if it gives you a bad egg help you i have all the Pokemon from all your games in pearl?

This "Bad egg" is not only found in Leaf green, Saphire ruby emerald and gold and silver, it is actually found in diamond and pearl. You arent the only one with the bad egg problem I am still researching this mysterious problem, though I have riecieved reports of stats like obtaind in happy place and mystery zone. as it always says this egg will take a long time to hatch exactly 99999 steps long time.IF any more questions or comments call813-541-8664created by T.D.H

How is salt made and what is it made of?

i think.rock salt is made of salt with rocks on it Salt grows naturally as a crystalline formation within rock. Therefore the expresion " Back to the salt mines. " meaning,"back to work".

Is thirst a negative feedback mechanism?

Thirst is part of a negative feedback mechanism. When the proper levels of water are not present in the body, a sensor detects the imbalance. The brain sent sends a signal to tell the body to obtain water/fluids to remain to a homestatic level of water. Once fluids are obtaind, the body can retain the water and levels will increase. Homeostatis is then reached as the response decreases.