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LCD is the narrowest, not to mention the size of the lcd tv makes it less narrower since you must stand back farther.

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Q: Which screen has the narrowest viewing angle LCD plasma or flat screen?
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What is the difference between a LCD and a plasma flat screen tv?

The main difference between plasma and LCD panels is the contrast ratio (deeper blacks the higher the ratio) and the viewing angles (the wider the angle you are to the actual screen, it usually gets worse). Plasma screens usually have better angle viewing and contrast ratio at the expense of a higher power consumption and lower native resolution than LCD panels.

Is the screen size the same as the viewing size?

It depends on what angle you are looking at it. If it is straight forward then yes the screen size and viewing size are the same.

What are some characteristics of a plasma screen tv?

A plasma tv can generally have much more accurate color and deeper blacks than an LCD with either flourescent or LED lighting. It will also have a wider viewing angle. It will not be as bright as an LCD. Plasma's are best in a moderately darker room.

What is the benefit of pdp plasma tv?

PDP plasma TV's provide large, theater like screens, rich, acurrate colors, high contrast in both light & dark rooms, from any viewing angle you get stunning brightness, screen integrity over the long haul, and excellent motion handling.

What electrical component control the viewing angle of a LCD display?

There is no adjustment for the viewing angle.

What are the advantages of LCD TV's over Plasma TV's?

LCD's are price competitive and use less power than plasma saving at least 30% less than plasma. LCD's are also lighter than plasma making it easier to move around. Plasma's get screen burn which isn't as common with LCD's. LCD's have a longer duration than plasma screens. LCD's also has more pixels on a screen than the plasma. They are lighter than plasma's making it easier to move around. Plasma TV's would lose half there brightness after about 30,000 hrs of viewing whereas the LCD would lose half there brightness after about 60,000 hrs. LCD's also have better viewing angle up to 170 degrees and plasma's only go up to 160 degrees. An LCD can't be beaten in terms of picture quality and value. LCD's last up to twice as long as Plasma. They are available in higher screen resolutions and they use lower voltages.

How do plasma TVs compare to HD LED TVs?

Plasma TV's often have a wider viewing angle then LED tv's. LED's are often brighter and more vibrant. I would suggest a plasma for a wider and larger room. LED's for smaller rooms.

What does wide viewing angle on a 3D TV mean and which 3D TVs have it?

Wide viewing angle simply means that a television can be seen from wide angles away from the the center of the screen. To find out wide that angle is, and if it sufficient for your own viewing, you need to assess a range of models in store. Your own experience is far more useful than reading the figures from manufacturers.

What does viewing angle mean in terms of 3D TV?

Viewing angle refers to the angle from which you're watching the image on screen. Viewing angle is pretty important when watching 3D TVs because images can be distorted or blurry if you're not watching them from the right angle. This is pretty annoying because it means that you have to sit up straight in a rigid position and stay that way through the entire movie to get the best image. Wide viewing angle gives you nice clear images even if you are leaning back or watching the screen from the side. The wider the viewing angle, the more flexible you can be with your watching positoin and the number of people who can watch the TV and still get the best image. What I mean by this is that you can have a whole bunch of friends sitting side by side and everyone will get really good 3D images.

Why would you recommend a plasma hdtv over an lcd hdtv?

Plasma TVs have excellent contrast and can produce deeper blacks than LCD TVs. Additionally, plasma TVs display more natural colors. They also have a wider viewing angle than LCD TVs.

What are some features available in plasma TV stands?

Plasma TV stands offer a solid base for your TV, they allow to change the angle of the tv to reduce glare and allow for more comfortable viewing. They also allow for better security.

What is the Standard height to mount plasma TV?

There is no standard height for mounting television screens. When mounting screens, look at the eye height of the people who will be viewing it: this will mean you need to consider the type of seating to be used. Sofas, couches and armchairs can be quite low. Set the screen so that two thirds of the screen is below the eye height of the people viewing it. This means they will not need to crane their necks back to look straight at the screen, for comfort. Look also at the distance the screen will be viewed from. A screen that is viewed from close by will need to be at a similar height to the viewer, compared with one at a great distance, because the angle at which it is viewed is more important than the height. (Over a greater distance the angle can remain unchanged, but the height changes)

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