Which sentence is true

Updated: 9/17/2023
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This one is.

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Q: Which sentence is true
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Is true a predicate?

Well, it depends on the sentence. In "that's true." it would be but it depends on the sentence. True, primarily is an adjective.

What is a sentence that argues something is true?

A sentence that argues that something is true is a thesis. A thesis is, by nature, a declarative sentence, and it could be a compound or complex sentence.

Write a true sentence either using 999 997?

use < or> to write a true sentence 999 997

How do you use true in sentence?

Here's an example: "Is it true that you are 17?"

Sentence with the phrase true-blue?

im a true-blue

All ancient cities have been discovered by accident is this sentence true or not true?

Not true.

Is true supposed to be capitalized?

If its at the beginning of a sentence then yes. But if its during a sentence then no.

What value for x could make the sentence true?

It depends on the sentence.

Is it true that no more than two verbs can be used in the same sentence?

No, it is not true that no more than two verbs can be used in the same sentence. A sentence can contain multiple verbs, especially in complex sentence structures or when expressing different actions or thoughts.

Is it true that capital punishment is giving of a death sentence?

It's true

How do you use the idiom 'true colors' in a sentence?

He showed his true colors when he did that.

Is the following sentence true or false water molecules are polar?