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An identity.

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Q: An open sentence that is true for any number?
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What is the set of numbers that make an open sentence true?

an open sentence is defined as one that contains "free variables," which are variable that have not been assigned a specific meaning. Because of this open sentences cannot be labeled as true or false, their status is "open. Any number that makes the open sentence true satisfies it. In general we would call these the solutions or solution set. I must state that there are many definitions in many books that all give slightly different answers to what an open sentence is.

What is an open number sentence?

An open number sentence is a sentence which contains a variable. A variable is a unknown number replaced with any letter and can appear on either side of the equals sign.

What is an open sentence that is true for any numbers?

It's for a crossword puzzle. It has 8 letters and the 6th letter is an R.

Statements that are true for any number?

Identities are statements that are true for any number.

Is it true that the largest factor of any number is itself?

For positive integers, it is true that the largest factor of any number is itself

Is it true that any real number has a multiplicative inverse?

No, it is not true.

Does any number that has a 2 as a factor have a 4 as a factor?

No; this statement is not true. The number 6 is an example of why this is not true.

What are statements that are true for any number?


Is the quotion of any two nonzero integers is a rational number true?

The definition of a rational number is the quotient of any two nonzero integers.

Is it true that a plus negative a equals zero?

Yes. That is true for any number "a".

Why is it true that the product of any two integers is a rational number?

Yes, it is true.

Is sum of any 2 rational number is a rational number?