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a crescent

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Q: Which solid figure has 2 curved sides?
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What solid figure has 2 curved edges?


What are the 4 characteristics of a polygon?

1) 3 or more sides. 2) NO curved sides. 3) NO intersecting lines. 4) Closed Figure

Name of quadrilateral with 2 curved sides?

A quadrilateral is a shape with four straight sides. There are no curved sides in a quadrilateral.

Solid figure with 5 faces?

Despite the blind answer of many uneducated users of this site, a pentagon is 2 dimensional with 5 SIDES, thus not a solid figure. A pentahedron, though, is a solid figure of five FACES. PENTAHEDRON

What names are given to six sided shape?

A plane figure (a 2-dimensional shape) with six sides is a hexagon. A solid figure (a 3-dimensional shape) with six sides is usually a cuboid

What is the name for a four sided figure with 2 straight sides and two curved sides?

Maybe a parallelogram. You should do a google image search for parallelogram and see if it's the shape you're thinking of.

Is a cylinder flat or curved?

The cylinder only has 2 faces which are flat but the sides are curved.

How many sides does a figure have?

2 dimensional (plane) figures can have three or more straight edges as sides. 3 dimensional (solid) figures can have four or more plane sides (faces). They can have fewer sides if the sides are not straight.

How much sides can a 2-dimensional figure have?

A 2-dimensional figure can have any number of sides more than 2.

What are figure that has two circular bases and one curved surface?

A figure with 2 circular bases and one curved surface is called a cylinder. Examples are food cans.

What is a figure with eight sides?

OctagonAn octagon is a 2-D figure with 8 sides.

What is a polygon shape?

a polygon is a shape with 5 corners A pentagon has five sides. A polygon has 3 or more sides, is closed and has line segments as the sides ( no curved sides ).