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Q: Which statistical tool is applicable in describing nominal variable?
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The scale of measurement for the variable eye color is?


What is the statistical scale of measurement for a persons gender?

It is a nominal scale.

Is race a nominal variable?


Is the price of an item considered nominal variable?

No. It is a discrete quantitative variable.

What is nominal and ordinal in qualitative variables?

Nominal and ordinal variables are both qualitative or discrete variables. Nominal variables allow for only qualitative classification while an ordinal variable is a nominal variable, but its different states are ordered in a meaningful sequence.

Difference between nominal and real variable?

A nominal variable is a variable measured in current dollars (the value of the dollar for the specific period discussed), and a real variable is a variable measured in constant dollars (the value of the dollar for the base period). That is, a real variable adjusts for the effects of inflation.

Are bar and pie charts part of nominal data?

They are part of nominal data if the study is about different kinds of methods for displaying statistical data.

Nominal definition for an outcome variable?

single sentence description of the most important outcome variable

What statistical test do you use for nominal by ordinal data?

Kruskal-Wallis H test.

What Jersey numbers of soccer players is an example of a variable?


Is a nominal variable a discrete variable?

No. A discrete variable is one that takes discrete numerical values. But a discrete variable can be ordered while a nominal one cannot. Age, in years, is a discrete variable, and you can say that a 10-year old is younger than a 20-year old who is younger than a 40-year old. Favourite fruit would generate a nominal variable but you cannot say that a banana is more than an apple which, in turn, is more than an orange, etc. (Remember, you are talking only of the nominal values of the fruit - not their price or size or nutritional value or any such characteristic.)

What is nominal line voltage?

'Nominal' means 'named'. So a 'nominal' voltage is the named voltage of a system. For example, when we talk about a 120-V or 240-V system, we are describing their nominal values, not their actual values which can change from moment to moment.