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divide 10 and 15 by their GCF, 5

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Q: Which step can be used to write 10 15 in siplest form?
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Why are elements in groups 1 and 7 mostly used in the form of compounds?

In chemical education it is the most siplest start for explaining reaction equations: they react 1 to 1.

How do you write in expanded form 6831.043?

The first step to writing in expanded form is dividing by a power of ten such that the answer has units as its greatest place value. In this case, this can be done by dividing by 1,000. 6831.043/1000 = 6.831043. The next step is to write the power of ten we used alongside as a multiplication. 1,000 is the 4th power of ten, which can be written as 104. Therefore, 6831.043 in expanded form is 6.831043x104

Which step can be used to write the fraction 16 out of 24 in simplest form?

16/24 simplified... Both 16 & 24 will divide by 8 to give the fraction 2/3.

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Standard form or scientific notation is used to write a very large or very small number.

What are the steps used to write a percent as a decimal?

Step 1. Divide it by 100 Step 2. Write it down. 17% = 0.17

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An alphanumeric form. The first part is numeric and the second is alphabetic.

How do you write 716948 in expanded form?

The first step in representing a number in expanded form is to divide it by a power of 10 until the greatest place value is the units. In this case we can divide by 100,000 to get 7.16948 Next you need to indicate the power of ten that was used. We used 100,000 which is the fifth power of ten, or 105. This needs to be added after the above answer as a multiplication. Thus, 716948 in expanded form is 7.16948x105

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early Modern English

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