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Q: Which team has the best Monday Night Football winning percentage?
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What is the Raiders percentage for Monday Night Football?

According to Wikipedia, the Raiders all time record on Monday Night Football is 36-22-1 for a winning percentage of .619.

What NFL team has the best record on Monday Night Football?

Through NFL games played on September 8, 2008 the Seattle Seahawks have the best winning percentage on Monday Night Football at .667 (16 wins 8 losses). The Dallas Cowboys have won the most games on MNF with 40.

How old is Monday night football?

Monday Night Football started in 1970.

What NFL team has worst record on Monday Night Football?

Through the 2007 season, the team with the worst winning percentage on MNF is the Cardinals with a record of 5-12-1 for a winning percentage of .277. The Falcons are second worst at 9-21 for a winning percentage of .300. The Bears are third worst at 16-34 for a winning percentage of .320. The Bears 34 losses is the most of any team on MNF.

What is Brett favre Monday night football record since Monday night football aired?


When was Monday Night Football on Triple M created?

Monday Night Football on Triple M was created in 2007.

Which nfl team has lost the most monday night football games?

The Chicago Bears have lost the most Monday Night Football games in the NFL (by number) and the Atlanta Falcons have the worst percentage at just .290 (9W-22L)

What is the Baltimore Ravens Monday Night Football record?

The Baltimore Ravens record on Monday Night Football is 4 - 7 through the 2007 season. Afer winning their first 3 appearances the Ravens have gone 1-7 in the Monday Night spotlight having lost 3 games to their division rival Pittsburgh Steelers.

How long does Monday Night Football last?

Monday night football lasts throughout much of the football season. Typically Monday night football starts with the first week of games and lasts throughout week 14 or 15, depending on the set up of the season. Occassionally, holidays can interrupt Monday night football.

When does Monday Night Football begin in 2013?

The Monday Night Football schedule is set in April, and as such is not available at this time. The football season typically starts in late August, though, so one can expect Monday Night Football to begin then or shortly after.

Did Toby Keith sing a monday night football song?

did toby keith sing opening song on monday night football

Who are the Monday night football announcers for 2008?

The Monday Night Football anouncers for 2008 were Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski and Tony Kornheiser.

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