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The 235/75/16 is larger.

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Q: Which tire is larger 235 75 16 or 225 75 16?
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Can you replace 235 70 r16 with 225 60 r16?

Can a 225/60R 16 tire replace a 235/70R 16 tire.

What is the same height tire with 225 60 16 but wider?

A 235 60 16.

What is the difference between a P235 and P225 16 inch tire?

I believe the 235 is 1/2" wider than the 225.

What tires for a 2005 Jeep Liberty?

There are two tire sizes for the 2005 liberty depending on the installed wheels.235/70-16 and 225/75-16

what are the weight, length, width, and height of each of these tires. the brand doesn't matter new, used, like new just do the measurement and weight as if it's new.if it has x2 and X4 please give me the amount for one?

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What other tire is compatible with 225 65R 16?

whatv other tire is compatible with 225 65r 16

What is factory Tire size 2001 Grand Cherokee Limited?

The correct factory tire size for a 2001 Jeep Cherokee is 225/75-16.

Can you replace 205 80 16 with 235 85 16 tires?

NO, that is a very bad swap. The 235 tire will be 2.81" too tall. Your speedometer will show 54.6 at an actual 60 mph. A 215/75-16 is an excellent swap and a 225/70-16 is acceptable.

Will tire chain size 235 70 R15 work on a 235 70 R16 tire?

Nope. the "15" is the size of your rim. 15". So a tire with a 15" opening wont fit a 16" rim. but you can put larger tires on the 15" rim.

How tall is a 235 85 16 tire?

A 235 85 16 tire is 31.72 inches in diameter and has a 15.86 inch radius and a 99.65 inch circumference

Can you replace 235-60-16 with 225-60-16?

It's a 10 mm difference, not much to worry about. Assuming you have a rim that's spot on for the first tire, the othe will work fine too.

Can you replace 235 70-16 with 225 70-16?

if your car has 325 70-16 wheels you can put wheels with 225 70-16 on if ya like. but of course if you have alloys that siz up 235 - 16 u cant go and put 225 70 - 16 tyres on it cuz its too narrow