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orville & wilbur wright, known as the wright brothers.

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Q: Which two individuals were responsible for creating a powered plane?
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What are rubber powered plane?

rubber powered aeroplane are model plane

What is a rubber powered airplane?

it is a plane

What force acts as the centripetal force for a plane?

Basically the (powered) wings surf the air, creating a lifting force = downward force of (mass (kg) * acceleration due to gravity).

What is jet plane?

A jet plane is any aircraft powered by jet engines.

What was the first powered plane called?

The flyer

What is a rubber powered engine airplane?

i is a small,light ,powered by rubber band plane

Did the wright brothers invent the first powered plane?

yes they did invent the first powered planes

The engine of a plane is responsible for giving a plane what?


Who was the first to fly in an engine powered plane?

Orville Wright

Who invented the first powered plane?

the wright brothers in the 1900s

Why did Paul MacCready invent a human-powered plane?

American aeronautical engineer Paul MacCready created the human-powered aircraft. He wanted to build the plane that can glide. It won him an award.

What is the recommended age for using RC model airplane kits?

Individuals making and flying these plane should know what they are doing and how to be responsible. With that in mind, the recommended age is 16 to adult.