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Which unit would you use to measure the water in a full tub?

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Q: Which unit would you use to measure the water in a full bathtub?
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Which unit to use to measure the water in a full bathtub?

You would measure the water in a bath tub in gallons.

What metric unit would you use to measure the capacity of water in a full bathtub?

Liters would be the metric measurement for volume of liquid.

What is the best metric unit to measure the amont of water in a full bathtub?


How many cups of water can a full bathtub take?

a full bathtub holds 50 cups of water ?

Which unit could not be used to measure the volume of the water in a full bathtub?

Miles, kilometers, meters, yards, grams, kilograms

How much can a full bathtub holds how much water?


What weight measure would you use to measure a bucket full of water?


If you had a bathtub full of water would the density of all of the fluid in the tub be the same as only 1 gram of the liquid?

less than for a bath-tub full.

Would a person bleed to death faster or slower in a bathtub of their own blood?

If the bathtub is full of their blood they are dead

What do you do in bathtub sex?

Full sexual intercourse whilst both are immersed in water.

Can you be in your bathtub when the full moon is out?

When Your in The Bathtub Will You Grow A Tail

Which animal can drink the equivalent of a bathtub full of water in just a few minutes?

a camel or an elephant

What is full of bubbles?

a bathtub,washing machine,dishwasher,pop,soda,soapy water etc.

Does a full bath require a bathtub and a shower?

A full bath is a bathroom with a toilet and bathtub/shower. A half bath is either a bathroom with only a toilet, or a bathroom with only a bathtub/shower. A full bath doesn't require a bathtub and a shower.

What do you do when its hot and your pool is not open?

oviessly u go in your bath room and full up the bathtub with water :)

Does a shower or bath use less water?

In general, a shower will use less water than a full bathtub.

How many cups of water do you need to fill a bathtub?

It depends on the size of the "cup" you're using, the size of the bathtub you're trying to fill, and what you consider "full." If you bathe with 15 gallons of water, then you would multiply that by 16 to get the number of 8-ounce cups, and you get 240.

How deep is 100 liters of water in cm's?

Liter is measure of volume, not distance. How deep it goes depends on how big area you spread it over. 100 liters in a regular-sized bathtub would be about half full. 100 liters in a pool might just get the bottom wet.

What music video is eminem in a bathtub?

the video in which eminem is in a bathtub is 3 AM. he's in a bathtub full of blood because it's a song about murder.

Why does the hot water run out before the bathtub is full?

This is just a guess but you either need a new water heater or you need to adjust the temperature of the one you have.

What habits do camels have?

they eat cactus, they live in the desert, they can carry water in their humps and cannot drink water for a month and can drink over a whole bathtub full of water.

Which of these objects will not have enough buoyant force exerted on it to keep it from sinking when placed in Erik's bathtub full of water?

A glass marble

What is full bath?

sink,toilet, and bathtub/shower

How many cups of water do you put in a full bathtub?

It depends on the size/shape (length, width and depth OR circumference and depth) of the bathtub. Unless you provide measurements of the tub, it is impossible to answer this question. However for rough estimation, A standard Japanese bath contained about 500 L of water and a metric cup is 250 ml thus it would need around 2,000 cup of water to fill a bath tub. European bathtub would have similar volume of containment unless it is an order specifics tub.

Should the bathtub drain ever freeze?

Not unless the drain and or tub is full of water and you have no heat on or it gets below freezing in the house.

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