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Well, I guess you have a choice of two operations,

whichever one is easier for you.

-- Leave the decimal point where it is, and move

each and every number one place to the left.


-- Leave all the numbers where they are, and move

the decimal point one place to the right.

How to remember it:

When you 'times' a number, you have to get a bigger number than you started with.

If it comes out smaller, then you moved things the wrong way.

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Q: Which way do you move the numbers when times it by 10?
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Why does multiplying numbers by 10 move the decimal to the right but multiplying numbers By .10 you move the decimal to the left?

0.10 = 1/10 so that multiplying by 0.10 is the same as dividing by 10.

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What is 0.4 times 10?

0.4*10=4. The simply way to multiply any number by 10 is to move the decimal one place to the right. If you do that with 0.4 you'll get your answer of 4.

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