Which way is diagonal

Updated: 11/3/2022
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Kitty-corner. In a square, a line drawn between one corner and the corner which is not adjacent to it.

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Q: Which way is diagonal
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What way does a diagonal line go?

the right way

Should you run conduit parallel with the building if the fastest way is diagonal across the building?

Souldryou run conduit parallel with the building if the fastest way is diagonal across the building

Which way is a diagnol line go?

diagonal is like this a. b. c. d. b. & c. if i draw a line to them that will be a diagonal line same thing with a. & d.

How do you show that R is uncountable?

One way is Cantor's diagonal argument. See link.

How does a diagonal look like?


What is diagonal area?

A diagonal is a line so the area of any diagonal must be zero.

What is the diagonal of a circle?

The diagonal of a circle is its diameter

How many diagonal sides does a rectangle have?

A diagonal cannot be a side of a rectangle, and a side cannot be a diagonal.

What is the diagonal measurement of a square 12x12?

Use Pythagoras: Diagonal² = √(2 × sidelength²) → diagonal = side_length × √2 → diagonal = 12 × √2 ≈ 17.0 units

Use the word diagonal in a sentence?

Kitty-corner is another term for diagonal. A right triangle's hypotenuse is on a diagonal. On a keypad, the five is on a diagonal from the nine.

Where is the Diagonal Printing Museum in Diagonal Iowa located?

The address of the Diagonal Printing Museum is: 101 East 1St Street, Diagonal, IA 50845

What is the length of the diagonal of a square with an area of 36?

Using Pythagoras: diagonal² = side² + side² = 2 × side² → side² = diagonal² ÷ 2 area = side² = diagonal² ÷ 2 → diagonal² = 2 × area → diagonal = √(2 × area) = √(2 × 36) = 6√2 ≈ 8.49