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Q: Who came up with chokers?
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Where can one purchase chokers?

Chokers can be found on many different websites who specialize in selling necklaces. The most popular places that chokers are purchased from are Amazon and eBay.

Are goths the only ones that wear chokers and combat boots?

No. Chokers and boot combat can be wore by different styles such as Gothic, Punk, Rocker, Kpop, Jpop...ect. It is just one of the stereotypical accessories.

What animals have become extinct that were edible?

Penis chokers are the best

Where you can get cheap lace chokers?

Wal-mart, thrift stores

Is chokers another alternative way for saying good luck?

No it isn't.

Why were certain residents of nova scotia referred to as chokers?

because your dumb

What was the original name for the pilgrims?

some of them were considered to be Tom Chokers or Turkey Ranglers.

Did James Monroe receive any medals or awards?

He received the National medal of Herring Chokers and Honesty

Who came up with monomyth?

joesph Campbell came up with the steps but carl jung came up with the structure

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Manchester United, they have absolutely dominated in recent times, and Liverpool are serial chokers.

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pearls,chokers,ribbon tie necklaces,diamonds

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who came up with the idea of the cameras who came up with the idea of the cameras

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who came up with the internet

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who came up with the name creators

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the people who came up with it

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John came up with the most ridiculous idea ever. John came up with stupid ideas. John came up the stairs. John said came up so much that his head hurt. :/

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Germany came up with the plan

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who came up with the idea of NAFTA

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Who came up with the number for acre

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No South Africa have yet to win the world cup. They are called the chokers.

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