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Q: Who came up with the mathematical formula for the oval path?
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What is an oval path of a planet around the sun?

An oval path around the Sun is when instead of going in a circle around the Sun it goes in an oval course (like the shape of an egg). If you research the dwarf planet Pluto then you'll find it has an eliptical path around the Sun, this is the same as an oval path. Good luck and I hope this helps!!

The oval shaped path that the earth takes around the sun is called a?


What does the path the earth takes around the sun look like?

An oval. An ellipse, actually, which is sort of like an oval.

What shape is a comets path?

The shape of a comet's path is an oval. If u are an eighth grader, your science teacher will recommend u to use the word "ellipse" instead of oval ~ Thank You. or "elliptical"

What is the oval shaped path by the earth to sun?

It's called "elliptical" or "ellipse"

What came first Path of Radiance or Radiant Dawn?

Path of Radiance came first.

Shape of orbital path around the sun?

A planet's orbit around the sun is in the shape of an oval.

What is the mathematical term for quadrilaterals?

Quadrilateral is a mathematical term used for any figure with its area bounded by four straight line segments forming a closed path.

Why does the Earth have seasons in shorter words?

Because it 'wobbles' on its axis - and orbits the sun in an oval path (instead of a circle)

What is the formula of area of path?

Area = Length * width

Naruto Path of a ninja?

Naruto Rise of a ninja already came out theres no path of a ninja

What path does air air with waste follow to leave the body?

It goes out the same path that it came in.