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Q: Who derive the schrodinger wave equation of hydrogen atom?
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Who developed a more impressive model of atom in 1926?

The current picture of the hydrogen atom is based on the atomic orbitals of wave mechanics which Erwin Schrodinger developed in 1926. This model is based on the Schrodinger Equation.

Who designed a mathematical equation for the model of the atom?

Erwin Schrodinger

What did the model of the atom proposed by Erwin Schrodinger suggest?

Schrodinger is the author of the well known equation; this equation can describe an atom. That there was a great deal of uncertainty as to where things were and that waves were as important as particles.

Inadequacies of classical mechanics in schrodinger's equation?

stability of atoms line spectrum of hydrogen atom compton effect photoelectric effect black body radiation

What evidence did Erwin Schrodinger have to support is theory?

When Schrodinger applied his mathematical formulae to the permitted states of an electron in a hydrogen atom, he found they perfectly matched the Bohr Model, which had perfectly predicted hydrogen spectral lines. For Schrondinger, that was good enough for him to publish his work. Max Born later showed that the Schrodinger Equation could be used to accurately predict particle scattering from a nucleus. However, Born showed that this would only work if one assumes that the cross-product of Schrodinger's Wave Function represents the probability of a point charge being in a specific place; something that Schrodinger never accepted.

Inadequacies of classical mechanics in schrodinger?

stability of atoms line spectrum of hydrogen atom compton effect photoelectric effect black body radiation

Which scientist was able to determine the electronic structure of the atom using an equation known as the quantum model that included the wave nature of the electron?

Erwin Schrodinger

Is H an atom in chemistry?

H is the chemical symbol for Hydrogen and represents one hydrogen atom everywhere other than in a chemical equation where it represents one mole of hydrogen atoms.

How does the Schrodinger Model of the atom treat electrons?

The Schrödinger model of the atom treats electrons as wave-like particles rather than as point-like particles in fixed orbits. It describes the behavior of electrons in terms of their probability distribution around the nucleus, known as electron clouds. The model allows for a more accurate description of electron behavior and allows us to predict the energy levels and properties of atoms.

What is the mass of a alpha particle given a nuclear equation?

The mass of an alpha particle is approximately 4 atomic mass units (AMU), which is equivalent to 4 times the mass of a proton. In a nuclear equation, an alpha particle is represented as ( ^4_2 \text{He} ), indicating a mass number of 4 and an atomic number of 2.

What is the name of the scientist that developed the quantum mechanical model of the atom?

Erwin Schrödinger is the scientist who developed the quantum mechanical model of the atom. His work introduced the concept of wave functions to describe the behavior of electrons in atoms.

What is the chemicla equation for water?

Two Hydrogen atoms to One Oxgen atom (H2O)